Hooray, Hooray, The First Of May…

…Outdoor sex begins today!

everythingtohim_800And in honour of that old rhyme, here’s a spot of outdoor fun from my Total-e-bound ménage release, Everything to Him (yes, I know, I’ve been promising an extract for a while, but life – and Rotherham United’s outstanding but thoroughly nail-biting end to the season – kind of got in the way.

To set the scene, billionaire Felix Meredith, owner of a vast UK-based media empire, has finally agreed to give an interview to  celebrity magazine Glitz! about his life and work. At first, he’s prepared for the usual bland Q&A session, but when young journalist Josh Broughton arrives for the interview, his plans change. Josh is clearly attracted to Felix’s wife, Amber, and the feeling is mutual – which inspires Felix to act on his fantasy of sharing Amber with another man. Felix invites Josh to spend a week walking in his shoes, experiencing just what it’s like to be incredibly wealthy, and that means sharing everything – including Amber. They fly out to Felix’s private island resort, Clearwater Cay, and that’s when Josh learns that sex on the beach isn’t just the name of a fancy cocktail…

Descending the stairs, he found Amber and Felix waiting for him. Amber clutched a small wicker basket and a plaid blanket. She’d also taken the opportunity to change, and wore a white swimsuit with cut-outs that offered tantalising glimpses of her stomach and sides. Josh’s cock swelled at the sight of her.

“We decided to forget about coffee and go eat al fresco,” she said, grinning slyly, as if she knew the effect her appearance had on him.

“After all,” Felix added, “what’s the point of having your own beach if you don’t make use of it?”

Before Josh followed the couple out on to the beach, he took off his footwear, giving in to the urge he’d felt since he’d got his first glimpse of the island. The fine, dry sand slipped between his toes with every step, and he let out a long, satisfied sigh.

Amber spread out the blanket, and sat down, beckoning the two men to join her. She pulled from the basket the cake provided by Tiago’s wife, Gracie, a bottle of overproof rum and three heavy-based shot glasses. Not quite the picnic Josh had envisaged, but he wasn’t complaining.

Amber produced a knife, hacked off a slice of the cake and cut it into chunks, while Felix poured three shots of rum. He handed one each to Amber and Josh, and raised his own glass.

“Down in one!” he declared, and promptly swallowed his drink.

Josh followed suit, gasping as the alcohol burned a fiery trail down to his belly. When he’d taken on the task of interviewing Felix Meredith, he’d never expected this. The man had always given the impression of being so remote, so self-contained, Josh had never expected that the student and wannabe rock star Felix had once been still lurked so close to the surface, looking for an opportunity such as this to emerge and party.

They sampled Gracie’s cake, finding it moist and delicious. The sun dipped lower, though its heat still lingered in the air. Already, the night drew in, enveloping the beach in satiny darkness. To Josh, it felt as though they might be the only three people in existence.

He licked crumbs from his fingers. “How long has Tiago worked for you?” he asked Felix.

“Pretty much since we bought the place.” Felix paused in the act of pouring more rum. “I really love this part of the world, and I can’t tell you how good it feels to have a little piece of the Caribbean all to myself. Though we nearly lost Tiago and Gracie a couple of years ago, when a hurricane hit the town where they live. Flattened their house—hell, flattened most of the island. I made sure they got all the money and resources they needed to rebuild. And I’ve donated to other disaster relief efforts, too.”

Felix the philanthropist, helping out others less fortunate than himself. It was another strand to the man’s character Josh needed to weave into his article.As if sensing the conversation was growing too heavy, Amber said, “Hey, we can talk about this some other time. For now, why don’t we just enjoy this beautiful evening—and each other?” The erotic intent in her voice was unmistakable.

“What did you have in mind?” Felix asked.

She pushed first one, then the other strap of her swimsuit off her shoulders. As Josh watched, open-mouthed, she pulled the garment down to her waist, revealing her breasts. “Why don’t we do a couple of body shots?”

You don’t have to be naked for that, the rational part of Josh’s mind wanted to point out, but that thought was subsumed by his sudden, overwhelming desire for Amber. He ached to take her rosebud nipples between his lips and suck till she cried out in ecstasy.

Amber lay back on the blanket, and let Felix pull her swimsuit off the rest of the way. Josh noticed she only had a small tuft of hair on her mound, and wondered if she’d waxed in preparation for their trip. His mouth watered at the thought of licking and tasting her soft, hairless sex lips.

When she pushed her breasts together with her hands, Felix balanced one of the refilled shot glasses in the narrow channel between them. She held herself still as he invited Josh to drink from it. “Without using your hands,” Felix cautioned.

This was going to end messily, Josh was sure, but still he bent low over Amber’s body, dipping his head so he could drink from the glass. He could smell whatever body lotion she used, as fragrant as the island flowers that filled the house, and the undisguised musk of her excitement. He took the rim of the glass between his teeth and gulped the liquid down, spluttering and laughing, then rocked back on his haunches in triumph.

“And now my turn.” Felix didn’t bother with a glass. He poured a little of the rum into the dip of his wife’s navel, before beginning to lap it up. Now it was Amber’s turn to laugh, and as she did the liquid trickled down over her skin, towards her pussy. Following the trail with his tongue, Felix attempted to lick her clean, but by the time his mouth settled on the fleshy cup of her cunt, both of them had stopped pretending this was about anything but sex.

If you want to find out what happens next, and how things get even kinkier when the trio leave the Caribbean for Felix’s New York penthouse, Everything to Him is now available from Total-e-bound.



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