Lipstick Lovers Wins Award!

Just had the great news that Lipstick Lovers won the Best Anthology award at the National Leather Awards. Congratulations to all the writers whose excellent stories helped to make the book a winner – Kathleen Tudor, Alice Candy, Harper Bliss, Lynn Lake, Jayne Wheatley, Alex Jordaine, Kate Dominic, Emma Lydia Bates, Lucy Felthouse, Angel Propps, Medea Mor, Shea Lancaster, Rachel Charman, Encarnita Round, Jean-Philippe Aubourg, Giselle Renarde, Anna Sansom, Valerie Alexander and Elise Hepner – and to the winners of the various other categories of these prestigious awards.

lipstick lovers


One thought on “Lipstick Lovers Wins Award!

  1. And thanks so much for the awesome editing! I’ve added a shout out to you on my blog, as well.

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