Backlist Blast: Someone Else’s Skin

Now, this delve into my backlist is really an excuse to show off the striking new cover I’ve been given for my body-swapping sci-fi novel packed with secret conspiracies and kinky rock musicians, Someone Else’s Skin. Most of the Xcite catalogue has been given this new, contemporary feel to its design, and this jacket cunnisomeone else's skin 2013ngly implies all you need to know about the adventures of modern-day Manhattanite Annie, who switches sex under hypnosis and turns into 22nd-century eco-warrior Jai. Meanwhile, back in New York, she’s having to cope with the sudden success of her boyfriend Matt’s rock band, and her unexpected attraction to his hot bandmate, Kevin.

To give you a flavour of the story, here’s what happens when Annie first gets to grips with the challenges of being in a new – and decidedly male – body:

The only noise in the apartment was the faint hum of air conditioning. The cool atmosphere reminded me of how much I needed a drink and a shower. Men sweated differently to women, I was sure of it; the bodysuit clung uncomfortably to my chest and thighs, droplets of sweat caught in the coarse hairs there.

I went in search of the kitchen. Like every other room in Jai’s apartment, it was tiny, and had no windows. Though when the view outside was just a bland, uninspiring corridor, who would want to look at it for any length of time?

The fridge was set flush into the far wall. It contained little apart from fruit and cans which were bound to contain some alcoholic beverage, if every other bachelor’s refrigerator I had seen was anything to go by. A plastic container on the bottom shelf contained a colourless liquid, which I sniffed dubiously before taking a sip; it had a faint tang of grapefruit and was surprisingly refreshing.

My thirst satisfied, I headed for the bathroom. It was as pristine as on my previous visit, and I wondered whether Jai did his own cleaning. I wished I knew more about him, about the person he was and I was going to be. Still, when I’d showered, I would go and investigate the files on that memory stick more fully, and see if I could access his e-mail. His in-box might tell me a few of his secrets.

There was no bath, though there would hardly have been room for one. The shower, when I examined it, had various settings: ‘relaxing’, ‘invigorating’, ‘tropical’. I like the sound of that one, I thought, turning the dial.

I stripped off the bodysuit and stepped naked into the steamy spray. The tropical setting was everything it had promised, beating down like rain from a blue Caribbean sky. I squeezed lemon-scented gel from a dispenser and rubbed lather into baby-fine hair and over the contours of my new body.

Jai Galloway was in good shape; there was no tell-tale thickening at his waist and his belly was flat. I soaped chest and back, let the spray wash the lather away, then moved down to the lean, firm thighs and what hung between them. I ran my hands experimentally over the velvet skin, cradling the heavy balls gently. I’d touched Matt and my other boyfriends there many times, brought them to orgasm with my fingers, but I’d never known how it felt for them to be on the receiving end of my attentions. This felt good, I had to admit; so good, in fact, that I couldn’t resist continuing.

Gradually the cock lengthened and stiffened, growing harder in my hand. I had always thought Matt had a pretty big one, but by the time I’d got myself fully hard I realised what I was holding was even more impressive. This was seriously weird: suddenly, I was better endowed than my own boyfriend.

It didn’t stop me from playing with myself in earnest. I varied the speed and pace of my strokes, learning more about what gave the most pleasure to this borrowed body of mine. It soon became clear that a little twist of the fingers at the end of every upstroke did it for Jai, and I leaned back against the shower wall, revelling in the sensations of jerking myself off. After a couple of minutes I felt the seed beginning to rise from my balls, and I concentrated on squeezing the spot just below the head ’til it was too late to stop. Spunk jetted out of me, in a swift climax which was so different to the diffuse waves of pleasure I was used to experiencing. I found myself hanging onto the shower gel dispenser for support as my knees buckled and I let out a couple of choice curse words.

When it was over, I felt exhilarated and strangely guilty, as though I’d been caught indulging in a forbidden pastime. Some people might consider I had, I reflected. I almost wanted to apologise to Jai for taking liberties with his body. What if Graham had decided to bring my out of the trance at that moment..?

To find out more, visit the book’s page on the Xcite Books website.


One thought on “Backlist Blast: Someone Else’s Skin

  1. I agree that this is really clever (and sexy) cover art. The blending of the gender symbols and colours. Wonderful.

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