Backlist Blast: Her Dream Lovers

Writing ménage fiction is always fun – after all, why limit your hero or heroine to having one sexy, inventive partner when they can have two? And then comes the decision – should that be two partners of the same sex, or one of each? Ooh, the possibilities…

her dream loversIn Her Dream Lovers, a novella I wrote for Total-e-bound’s Lust Bites series, Vanessa has been recruited into a research project studying precognitive dreams, only to find those dreams revolving around a mysterious man called Adam, who has his partner’s name, Nicky, tattooed on his arm. When, just as predicted, Vanessa and Adam meet, it doesn’t take her long for Nicky to start appearing in her dreams, too – shattering Vanessa’s preconceptions in the process:

Nicky glanced back over his shoulder at his lover and I got my first good look at him. He was blond, his hair cropped short, and his eyes were chocolate-button brown, big and soulful. He was much beefier in build than Adam, but though everything about him screamed masculinity, he was happily taking the passive rôle, willingly offering up his asshole to be fucked.
I writhed in my bonds, on the point of screaming with frustration. If Adam was indeed going to fuck his lover in front of me, then I wanted to be able to touch my pussy while I watched. For whatever reason, I was being denied that pleasure.

Adam reached for a bottle of oil, intending to massage Nicky’s taut butt cheeks and the dark hole between them. I caught a whiff of cinnamon and nutmeg as he flipped open the cap of the bottle. I strained forward in the chair, anxious to get a better look. I had never been in a threesome situation before, and I’d always assumed if it happened I would be with two men who both wanted to fuck me, rather than enjoy each other. That didn’t make what I was watching any less thrilling.

I rubbed my thighs together, doing my best to stimulate my neglected clit. I could feel the soaking-wet fabric of my thong slipping deeper between my pussy lips. But just as Adam squeezed a trickle of oil down Nicky’s ass crack and began to rub it into his skin, the dream came to an abrupt end.

I opened my eyes, staring up at the ceiling tiles. If I hadn’t known there was a camera trained on this room, monitoring my movements so the research team would know if I was in any distress, I would have reached under the bedclothes and made myself come. Watching the two lovers had been so exciting, and the feeling of being bound and helpless so intense, that I knew if the dream had gone on much longer I would have orgasmed in my sleep. Now I could only lie here, hoping to return to the horny scene where it had left off.

of course, things get much hotter things when Vanessa joins both Adam and Nicky in a threeway encounter for real, as you’ll discover in Her Dream Lovers, available from Total-e-bound.


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