Backlist Blast: Masked Desires

The party season is just around the corner, though as someone without a traditional day job, my office party usually consists of me and the cats dancing round the living room and snacking on taramasalata… So to get you in the mood, here’s an extract from my Xcite Romance novella, Masked Desires. Summer Quinn is pretending to be her boss Eddie’s girlfriend at a swanky New York masquerade party thrown by his stepsister, Heather, but as the night wears on, the pretence begins to turn into something more real…

As we swayed together, Eddie’s body pressed tightly against mine, I saw masked desiresHeather standing by the edge of the dance floor, in conversation with a man in a white tuxedo. She’d given a small speech of welcome once we’d all been seated for dinner, thanking us for attending and giving a brief outline of how our donations would be used to provide life-saving equipment for those suffering a rare form of degenerative heart disease. Remembering her comments to Eddie in the bar, I’d wondered as she’d been talking whether this disease was what had killed his father, but somehow it didn’t seem the right time to ask.

Now I looked at her again, ash-blonde hair styled in a sleek up-do, and wearing a sheath dress of ice-blue and silver tones that flattered her cool colouring. Her face was hidden behind a silver half mask that curved up over her left eye in the shape of a crescent moon, but from the movement of her head it was clear she was watching Eddie and me. I wondered whether she bought the act that we’d been together for a while – the lawyers on our table certainly seemed to think that, though they’d never met us before tonight.

And as Eddie held me a little closer and I rested my head on the wide expanse of his shoulder, I wondered just how much of an act this was. We might be able to fake some aspects of our so-called relationship, but the steady pressure of his rising cock against my belly was all too real. Grinding against me as we danced was clearly turning him on. The thought of what that cock might look like, freed from his formal attire and standing proud, made my pussy clench with desire.

Maybe I should have pulled away, made some excuse to go back to our table in an attempt to defuse what had the potential to become a pretty awkward situation. After all, we were only pretending to want each other so badly – weren’t we?

Eddie didn’t seem in the least embarrassed by his growing erection. His hand trailed down from its relatively chaste position in the small of my back, coming to rest on my ass cheek. His palm felt hot through the satin and lace of my clothing, though that could just have been down to my feverish imagination magnifying every sensation. I wanted him to stroke that cheek, squeeze it, maybe even give it a hard slap or two to stimulate the little, hidden part of me that got off on a man displaying his dominant streak. Then I shook my head. I shouldn’t be having fantasies like this; not here, not now.

Except Eddie must have been having similar fantasies too. Just for a moment, his hand smoothed over my ass in possessive fashion. His caress set me tingling, and when I looked up, his lips curved in a secretive smile and he bent to kiss me, angling his head so our masks wouldn’t become tangled together. The touch of his warm, soft lips on mine was the most delightful shock, more unexpected in its way than when he’d kissed me in the bar to make a point to Heather. But this time it didn’t seem like he was kissing me for anyone’s benefit other than his own, and I melted into his embrace, letting his tongue push between my lips to take ownership of my mouth. We’d stopped moving, oblivious to the couples still dancing around us, both of Eddie’s hands on my ass now and my body a breathless, needy mess as his teeth nipped gently at my lower lip.

Will their “pretend” passion end when the ball does, or have Summer and Eddie started something they can’t stop? The answers are in Masked Desires, available from Xcite and Amazon.

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