Are You Ready For A Steel City Seduction?

Think of Sheffield and men in drag, and the image that pops into your head is very probably this:

sean bean drag

Yep, that’s Sean Bean, who recently won an Emmy for his portrayal of a cross-dressing teacher in Jimmy McGovern’s The Accused. But while there’s a beautiful transvestite at the heart of Steel City Seductions, the first in the Steel City Nights trilogy, there are no similarities between her and our Sean apart from the fact they both look pretty good in a skirt.

Crystal makes a living impersonating Ciara Keane, the singer who first appeared in The Girl With The Million Dollar Butt, and when Danny Rowan, who works as chauffeur cum assistant to Steel City’s owner, Scott Beresford, picks her up to take her to the club there’s an attraction between them the avowedly straight Danny never expected.

Steel City Seductions‘Well, I’m looking forward to meeting the famous Mr Beresford,’ Crystal said. ‘If he’s anything like as good-looking and charming as his chauffeur, I’m in for a treat.’

Danny tried not to blush at the compliment. He couldn’t work out whether Crystal was flirting with him, and if so, how he felt about it. Had she assumed he was gay? If that was the case, she couldn’t be more wide of the mark; he was as straight as they came, and having a close relationship with a boss who was utterly open about liking men had never caused him to question his orientation for as much as a minute. Yet something about Crystal intrigued him. She was beautiful by any recognisable measure, with her wide green eyes, full, nude-glossed lips, and long, stockinged legs, and she gave the impression, though he couldn’t have said why, that beneath her outer garments, her underwear was pure silk. But silk or not, there was still a cock tucked away in that underwear. The thought should have made him dismiss her advances out of hand. But it didn’t.

‘Hey,’ she said, her gaze falling on something in the back of the car, ‘cute hat!’ Unbuckling her seat belt for a moment, she turned to retrieve the chauffeur’s cap from where Danny had tossed it. Despite his half-hearted protests, she perched it on his dark curls. ‘Very nice.’

‘Yeah, well, I don’t like to wear it,’ he confessed. ‘I’m not just Scott’s driver, I’m his head of security too, and it doesn’t really fit the image, you know?’

‘What image is that?’ Crystal asked. ‘Tough guy with a pussycat lurking beneath the smart suit and the bulging muscles?’ As she spoke, she ran a finger along his arm, tracing the contour of his biceps. Her touch left sparks in their wake. The answering jolt in his groin surprised and disturbed him. Maybe she treated everyone like this; he’d learn the answer to that soon enough, once he got her inside the club and into Scott’s company.

Danny may be intrigued by Crystal, but he also wants to know more about Chris, the male side of Crystal’s identity that she has worked so hard to get away from. And as he attempts to probe into her past, the affair that has consumed both to them threatens to be over before it’s begun…

To find out whether these two apparently mismatched lovers can find happiness, pick up a copy of Steel City Seductions from Amazon or Xcite, and look out for Steel City Secrets, the second book in the series, coming next year.


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