Backlist Blast: Writers On The Wrong Side Of The Road

You know what it’s like. Sometimes you’re in the mood to read something that defies genres, makes you think, makes you laugh – and if it turns you on at the same time, well, that all adds to the fun, doesn’t it? Writers On The Wrong Side Of The Road is one of those books. The brief for authors was to take the rules and break them, whether that was in terms of the characters’ behaviour and motivation, or in the style and telling of the story. My contribution to the anthology is For Art’s Sake, in which Danni, a former academic turned professional house clearer dares to act on her most secret fantasy when she meets a man with a secret stash of Victorian porn; a man who finally understands the thrill of giving a spanking. Here’s an extract to whet your appetite:

“Now, what’s so terrible that you feel I need some Dutch courage before I see it?” I asked.

“These…” He handed me a small pile of books. Stiffly bound in black, they looked thoroughly anonymous. I set them down on the table and opened the first one at random.

My eyes wiTEST.QXD:Layout 1dened and I almost let out a gasp. I was looking at an illustration of a woman bending over a table, her skirts thrown up around her waist and her fleshy bottom bare. A man in the garb of a Victorian schoolmaster was taking a cane to her buttocks. I turned the page. In the next picture, the man had clearly tired of thrashing the woman and was fucking her from behind instead. The length of his cock, emerging from her pussy, was rendered as lovingly as the tramlines that marked the cheeks of her arse.

Flipping through the book, I saw more in the same vein. Intensely pornographic drawings, depicting flagellation and explicit sex acts. I looked up to see that Nicholas was regarding me with amusement.

“So what is your professional opinion, Miss Weatherley?” he asked.

“It’s filth,” I told him, in a tone indicating I didn’t necessarily think that was a bad thing. Indeed, studying the illustrations I had felt a fierce excitement, deepened by the fact I was imagining it was my backside that was being so thoroughly punished, and the man dishing out the necessary but loving chastisement was Nicholas.

To find out what happens when Danni makes her fantasy a reality, and to read what author Lisa Lane called ‘some of the creepiest and most unusual stories I’ve read in a long time ‘, check out Writers On The Wrong Side Of The Road, edited by Sassy Brit and C.C. Bye, available from Amazon.


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