Backlist Blast: Cooking Up Trouble

Let’s head into the kitchen for a spot of hot celebrity chef action to warm up the end of the week. Here’s an extract from my Xcite Romance novella, Cooking Up Trouble. To set the scene, Morgan Jones has landed a plum job on Saturday morning cookery show, Cook’s Treat. Only trouble is her co-presenter is the volatile Scott Harley, who’s publicly criticised her weight and appearance, among other things. But Scott discovers that Morgan’s a very different proposition in the flesh, and soon things are heating up between them, leading Scott to fantasise about all the things he’d do to Morgan if he got the opportunity:

cooking up trouble‘You need to be taught a lesson, girl,’ he told her, as Morgan stood before him, eyes downcast, waiting for him to do his worst. ‘Something that’ll make sure you never forget to pay attention to what you’re supposed to be doing.’ He pulled one of the chairs from the chef’s table, where guests were able to sample his special tasting menu in the heart of the kitchen, and sat down on it.

‘Over my knee, Morgan,’ he ordered her.

Eyes wide, she began to protest, telling him she was sorry and she’d never do such a thing again.

‘Saying sorry isn’t good enough, Morgan. At least, not right now. Let’s wait till you really know what sorry is, shall we?’

With that, he patted his lap, urging her to climb on to it. Meekly, she did as he asked, lying face down over his widely spread thighs. Though he was sure she’d feel foolish in that position, waiting to receive her spanking like a naughty schoolgirl, he thought she looked magnificent. Even more so 15

when he eased down her blue and white checked chef’s trousers to reveal her plump bottom, only partially covered by her plain white cotton panties. Morgan’s protests as he stripped her were half-hearted, and he knew she wanted this.

He let her wait for a long moment, allowing the nervous anticipation to build, before he brought his hand down on her backside. Slowly, methodically, he slapped every inch of her soft, round cheeks, making her give out a series of cute, throaty little yelps. She wriggled on his lap, her movements stimulating his cock to full hardness where it lay trapped between her half-naked body and his thigh. And just when she thought her punishment was over and he’d let her go back about her kitchen duties, he reached for the waistband of her panties, pulling them down to bare the cheeks of her arse and the wet pouch of her pussy, ready to begin her spanking all over again …

To find out what happens when Scott and Morgan act on their growing attraction, get hold of Cook’s Treat, available from Xcite and Amazon.



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