Maestro, Please!

Maestro is released today, for all those of you who’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at a major opera house. Is the star tenor really as passionate as the character he portrays? Well, that’s what the story’s heroine Jax is about to find out, as she’s charged with creating the costumes that will be worn by super-hot Canadian opera star Kieran Vale. In the next few weeks I’m going to be sharing Kieran’s story with the authors of the other stories in the Totally Bound Paramour collection, as well as learning all about their deliciously dominant heroes. But for now here’s a little extract from Maestro, featuring Jax and Kieran’s first meeting:

maestroTen minutes later, we were sitting at the table in my studio, Kieran tucking into cold pasta with tuna and beans, while I munched on a cheese and ham toastie. Sharing lunch with him felt like my delicious secret. Kirsty would be so jealous when she got back from her shopping expedition to discover the luscious Mr Vale had been here.

We talked as we ate. Well, Kieran did most of the talking. I was just happy to sit and listen to that deep voice, warm and smooth as honey, flowing over me. Kieran described his upbringing in a quiet suburb of Vancouver, and how his father had tried to push him towards a career in law.

“But I always wanted to sing,” he said, before pausing to take a sip of his orange juice. “I knew I’d been given a voice people wanted to listen to, and when you have a gift like that, it’s a crime not to use it. I mean, anyone can become a lawyer, can’t they? But to be on stage at La Scala, and have the entire audience hanging on your every note… How many people get that opportunity?”

I couldn’t believe how comfortable I was in his company. We’d just met, and already he seemed like an old friend. Even so, I couldn’t help but be aware of just how handsome he was. Kieran had charisma to burn, and when he turned that sexy, hooded gaze on me, my pussy clenched with desire.

It didn’t seem to matter that I was eleven years older than him, or that his financial worth was so much greater than mine. A couple of times I caught him staring at me when he thought I wasn’t looking. Each time he blushed and turned his attention back to his lunch. But I’d seen the way his pupils had grown larger, seen the cute way he gnawed on his lower lip. The signs were there. He was attracted to me, too.

Maybe he flirted like this with everyone. After all, he was a man who could have any woman he wanted. It would be safer if I kept my fantasies to myself—especially the ones in which I submitted to Kieran’s every instruction. Otherwise, I might be setting myself up for a very nasty fall.

Maestro is available from Totally Bound. Pop back on Tuesday, when I’ll be hosting Ayla Ruse and getting the lowdown on Graham, the sexy restauranteur from Raspberries and Wine


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