Sunday Snog Gold: Missing In Milan

It’s that time of the week again, when authors share their hottest and most memorable kissing scenes in the BlisseKiss Sunday Snog. And I’ve pulled a snog from the archives, returning to one of the stories I had most fun writing, the Totally Bound romantic suspense novella, Missing In Milan. To fill in the background, Laura has travelled to Italy to spend a weekend with her sister, Charlie. But Charlie is nowhere to be found when Laura arrives in Milan, and the Italian police are less than helpful. However, Charlie’s tutor, Gianmario, is on hand to offer help, support, and some expert kissing:

missinginmilan_800He cupped my face in his beautiful, versatile hands. His tongue traced the contours of my mouth, softly and surely drawing me in. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been kissed with such passion, such authority, and my body was responding, my pussy growing wet and my nipples pushing hard against the cups of my bra.

I pushed his hair away from his forehead, noticing a small, crescent-shaped scar above his left eyebrow as I did. I broke the kiss long enough to ask, “How did this happen?”

He chuckled. “I was climbing a tree when I was a little boy, and I fell. I was always doing things like that. I used to drive my mamma crazy. She said I loved danger too much.”

Gianmario kissed me again, and now his hands were moving over my body, pulling the hem of my top out of my jeans so he could stroke the bare skin of my stomach. Our mouths were locked together, my hands twined in his hair. I felt as though my body was waking after a long sleep, coming alive and being reminded of its full potential to give and receive pleasure.

Keen to see the physique he was hiding beneath his sensible plaid shirt, I fumbled with the buttons. “Slow down,” Gianmario murmured in my ear. “We have all night.”

“But I can’t wait,” I replied. “I want to see you naked.”

“Then let’s go somewhere we can really stretch out and be comfortable.” With that, he picked me up in his arms, carrying me through to Charlie’s room. I was struck by his strength, wondering what he did to keep himself in such good physical shape.

He laid me down on the bed. “We can’t do this on my sister’s bed!” I exclaimed, still clinging to the hope that, unlikely as it was, she might come home at any moment.

His grin was irresistibly wicked. “I told you, I love danger too much.”

With that, Gianmario reached for the button fastening of my jeans, quickly undoing it and whisking the garment down and off. He paused for long enough to remove his shirt, giving me a mouthwatering view of his lightly muscled torso, pecs covered with a soft, dark pelt that tapered in a thin, enticing line down beyond his waistband. I yearned to follow that trail with my tongue, licking along it ‘til I reached his groin.

Gianmario had very different plans.

To find out what those plans are, and discover whether Laura and Gianmario can solve the mystery of Charlie’s disappearance, pick up a copy of Missing In Milan from Totally Bound or Amazon. And to find out who else is sharing a snog today, visit Blissekiss and follow the links.


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