Backlist Blast: The Girl With The Million-Dollar Butt

Here’s a bit of Friday fun for you – a little snippet from The Girl With The Million-Dollar Butt, from the Xcite anthology of the same name. Ciara Keane may be a hot singing talent, but how does she distinguish herself from all the other pop starlets out there? According to her manager, the answer is to insure her best asset – her backside. And that’s how she finds herself submitting to a very thorough examination to make sure she fits the insurer’s criteria:

“Where do you want me?” I asked.

“Just where you are will be fine. But I’m going to need you to take off your kimono.”

“Really?” Where had he suddenly found the confidence to make such a girl with the million dollar buttrequest? Not that I cared. The thought of having to strip for such a horny-looking guy had my pussy juicing furiously.

Leo plucked the tape measure from the coffee table. “Yes, I need to take some other measurements, too. You see, the ratio of the waist to the hips is really important. Surveys have proved the bigger it is, the more desirable the woman …”

Coyly, I kept my back to him as I undid the belt of the kimono, letting it slip from my shoulders. Glancing over my shoulder, I saw his gaze was fixed on my bottom, almost entirely exposed by the teeny triangle of white cotton that made up my panties.

“Mmm, very nice.” Leo came up behind me. I felt the measuring tape circling me, but not round my waist, or my hips. Instead, the cool plastic pressed against my nipples, making them crinkle in response.

As he pulled the tape away, he took the opportunity to run his fingers over the tight peaks, forcing a moan from me as I reacted to the delicious stimulation. “You didn’t say anything about needing to measure my boobs,” I gasped out.

“It’s all part of the equation. “Leo’s breath was hot against my ear. “You may not be the classic hourglass, Miss Keane, but they do say women with small tits and big butts are the most sexually responsive …”

Now I didn’t need to wonder how big his cock might be. It was pressing at the groove between my arse cheeks, and I swore I could feel the heat of it even through our layers of clothing

“Waist, then hips.” He matched his actions to his words, measuring the relevant parts of my body in turn, but making sure he copped a substantial feel in the process. I noticed he didn’t actually write any of his findings down, but I assumed he’d simply fill those in later.

By the time he laid the measuring tape to one side, I was very hot and extremely bothered. Leo had come tantalisingly close to feeling my pussy through my panties on a couple of occasions, but he’d always pulled back, and by now I was desperate for him to go that bit further.

“So now what?” I asked.

“Now I need to give your butt a closer inspection, check for any birthmarks or blemishes, and for that your panties are going to have to come off.”

Does she comply? You can find out in The Girl with the Million-Dollar Butt, which also contains stories by Gerome Asanti, N. Vasco, Maggie Morton and Viva Jones, and is available from Xcite and Amazon. This is one collection that definitely doesn’t bring up the rear!



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