Protected by Request

protecting his packMy wolf shifter novella, Protecting His Pack, is now out, and it came about for a rather unusual reason. When I wrote the first of my Grayling Wolves stories, Must Love Wolves, I intended it to stand alone, and I certainly didn’t expect that if I came up with another tale that involved this pack of Highland wolves, I’d be following a male/male story with a male/female romance. It’s not as though I haven’t written sequels before, but that’s either been because I created a character who clearly had a life beyond one short story, such as jewel thief The Black Lily, who has made appearances in the Xcite collections Lesbian Love and Crimes of Passion, or because I’m working on a series, like Steel City Nights.

However, I  happened to read a review of Must Love Wolves on Amazon (not something I usually bother with, as that way madness lies…) from a reader who was keen to find out what happens to Lennox Grayling, whose act of exiling his brother, Logan, kicks off events in Must Love Wolves. And in the spirit of giving the people what they want, Protecting His Pack was born – and proved to be great fun to write.

So has that ever happened to any other authors out there? Have you written a sequel to a book thanks to reader demand, or have you taken a suggestion on board and maybe flirted with a different genre or style of writing? And would you ever go so far as to create a bespoke piece of fiction for someone? I’d be really interested to know your thoughts.

Meanwhile, Protecting His Pack is now available from Xcite and Amazon. Will there be a book three? Watch this space – and come back on Sunday, when I’ll be sharing a snog between Lennox and Sarah.



2 thoughts on “Protected by Request

  1. I wrote a two short story collection that followed my book because of a review on Amazon. The reviewer complained that I ended the book too soon and she wanted to know what happened next. So I answered all her questions within the two shorts. The reviewer changed her review and also reviewed the short stories, both were good reviews.

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