Sunday Snog – Protecting His Pack

Yes, it’s Sunday Snog time over at BlisseKiss, and as promised, here’s a kiss from Protecting His Pack, my Xcite wolf shifter novella. Lennox, head of the Grayling pack, has been helped out by Highland vet Sarah in a time of tragedy, and though he knows that wolf and human should not be mates, he finds himself drawn to Sarah’s home to show his gratitude. And when Sarah makes him a present of second-hand clothes, replacing some he ruined when shifting, he insists on trying them on for her. Which may not be the wisest thing to do, given their unspoken attraction to each other:

‘It’s a long time since I’ve had any clothes as fine as these,’ he said, as he took the jeans from her. She thought she had never seen anyone take so much delight in someone else’s cast-offs. ‘When you live the kind of life we do, such things are hard to come by, unless someone is careless enough to leave their washing unattended on the line.’ He rose to his feet, unbuttoning his shirt as he did. Sarah had a brief view of his well-muscled chest, his pecs matted with dark hair, then he was pulling the T-shirt over his head. She could smell that familiar, primal musk of his, and her pussy flooded with juice in response.

‘Very nice,’ she said, not sure if she was referring to the white tee or the body beneath it.

‘Could have been made for me,’ he observed. ‘Now, how about these …?’

Almost before she knew what was happening, he had draped the jeans she’d bought him over the arm of the chair and was unbuttoning the fly of the pair he wore.

‘You might want to try those on in the bathroom,’ she suggested, as, his back to her, he inched down the jeans to reveal the sun-browned skin of his backside. Part of her was enjoying the impromptu strip show he was treating her to, but she had to keep reminding herself this man was off limits. ‘There’s a mirror in there.’

‘Oh, I have no need of a mirror …’ He stepped out of the jeans and turned to face her. His cock jutted from the bush of hair at his groin, more than half hard. In that moment, she wanted him more than she’d ever wanted any man. Yet she had to pretend he wasn’t driving her wild with want, had to deny her feelings in order to prevent herself doing something she knew he would regret.

Lennox seemed to have no such reservations. He crossed the space between them in three long strides, and pulled her into his arms. His lips dropped to hers, his kiss hot and bruising. She moaned into his mouth and tried to push him off her, still fighting her need for him, but it was futile. Her body burned for him, and she gave up any pretence of trying to resist.

By the time he broke the kiss, her lips were swollen and her pulse was beating a wild tattoo in her chest. ‘Lennox, we shouldn’t be doing this. Think of Aoiffe …’

‘I have thought of nothing but,’ he responded, tugging at the zip on her dress. ‘But Aoiffe is gone, and you are here. You rouse me in the same way she did, Sarah. I thought I could need no other but her, but your scent inflames me.’

His hands were pushing her dress from her shoulders, and the jersey fabric slithered to the floor. She stood before him in her underwear, her nipples pushing hard at the cups of her bra and the wetness in her panties betraying her need for him.

And that’s as far as we go without getting too spoileriffic, so if you want to find out more, you’ll have to get hold of Protecting His Pack, available from Amazon and Xcite. And don’t forget to check out all the other sizzling Sunday snogs that authors are bringing you via Blissekiss.





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