Sunday Snog With A Soccer Star

In the mood for a Sunday Snog? Good, because I have a sizzler for you from Steel City Secrets, the second part of the Steel City Nights trilogy.

steel city secretsAll the books in the series revolve around the staff of Steel City, Sheffield’s hottest nightclub, and in Steel City Secrets, bar manager Daryl takes centre stage. He’s working one Saturday night when he receives the strangest proposition of his life: to take part in a threesome with bisexual footballer Tommy Blake and his wife, Louisa, who loves to watch Tommy get it on with other men. Daryl doesn’t know, or care, how famous Tommy might be, or how big a hero the man is to the supporters of the club he plays for. But he’s up for this unusual ménage, and when Steel City closes, he goes to Tommy and Louisa’s home, where the fun begins…

He couldn’t help but be aware of the growing tension between himself and Tommy, so thick he felt he could poke a hole through it with his fingers. Tommy was taking short, shallow breaths, his belly rising and falling. His eyes locked with Daryl’s; they seemed to be pleading for Daryl to take that last step and strip him completely.

Before that happened, Daryl needed to shed a layer or two. Louisa hadn’t told him he couldn’t undress, and though he’d experienced a strong rush of power at having this hot football player all but naked while he hadn’t so much as removed his bowtie, he was beginning to feel seriously constricted by his underwear. He compromised by unzipping himself and pulling his cock out of his black dress pants. There was something so rude about the way the hard length jutted out from his fly, its head taut and shiny with precome, and Tommy licked his lips at the sight of it.

‘That’s nice,’ Louisa said from behind him. ‘I’m going to love watching you give that big, fat cock of yours a stroke while my husband sucks you.’

An unexpected thrill shot through Daryl at her words and he returned to the task of stripping Tommy of his underwear. Again, the man wriggled and humped his arse against the sofa cushions, aiding him in easing the shorts down and off. The cock that rose up to meet him was as long and thick as his own, though where Daryl was circumcised, Tommy’s cock still kept its velvet sheath of skin. As Daryl rocked back on his haunches, Tommy reached and began to ease that foreskin gently back and forth.

Daryl’s breath caught in his throat. The footballer looked so masculine, so self-assured as he sprawled back against the sofa cushions, lazily wanking himself.

‘Let me,’ Daryl said. Tommy relinquished his grip on his shaft, allowing Daryl to work his own fist up and down its length. The blood-gorged flesh felt hot and vital in his hand, and he looked up to see that Tommy had closed his eyes and was resting his head against the back of the sofa, lost in the pleasure of having his cock played with.

‘Now use your mouth,’ Louisa ordered. Daryl didn’t hesitate for a moment; still gripping Tommy by the base, he dipped his head and slurped his tongue over the juicy cockhead. The man tasted, he thought, of olives and brine, like a good Dirty Martini. The image of leaving Tommy Blake stirred and shaken in all the best ways brought a grin to his face, and he licked with more enthusiasm, really savouring the flavour and texture of Tommy’s dick.

Tommy panted and thrust his hips up, trying to get more of his cock into Daryl’s mouth. Daryl broke off for a moment to unfasten his shirt, remove it, and drop it to the floor. In the process, he revealed the blackwork tattoo that licked across his left shoulder like flames. Just before he returned to sucking Tommy off, he looked over at Louisa. The blonde had her skirt rucked up around her waist and her right hand was moving busily between her legs. He heard the wet, squelchy sound of Louisa’s fingers pushing in and out of her pussy, and knew just how hot the sight of him pleasuring her husband was getting her. Still, it somehow felt as though he and Tommy were the only two people in the room, and all that mattered was bringing this gorgeous man to the brink of a shuddering, come-spilling orgasm.

That didn’t mean he had to deny his own cock its share of the attention. He spat into his fist to give him a little extra lubrication, then wrapped his fingers around his straining shaft and began to tug at it. Once he was into a steady rhythm, he bent his head and swallowed Tommy’s dick once more. This time, Daryl took him deeper than before, feeling the blunt head butting against the roof of his mouth. He sucked hard, his cheeks hollowing with the effort.

‘Fuck, that’s it,’ Tommy muttered. ‘But keep doing that and I’m going to come.’

Daryl broke off. ‘You don’t want that?’ he asked, surprised.

‘No, I want to come when you’re in my arse.’

Daryl’s cock gave a jolt at the words. ‘Maybe we should take this to the bedroom, then.’ Instinctively, he thought to seek an opinion from the third side of this strange triangle. ‘What do you think, Louisa?’

‘Sounds like a plan to me.’

To find out what happens next, and why this ménage needs to remain a secret, pick up a copy of Steel City Secrets from Xcite Books. And don’t forget to visit the Blissekiss Sunday Snog, and check out all the other great snogging scenes on offer this weekend.



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