Sunday Snog – Driven to It

when a man loves a manYes, it’s Sunday again, and that can only mean Blissekiss is packed with delicious Sunday Snogs. To celebrate the fact the mighty Millers have made it to Wembley for next weekend’s play-off final, here’s a football-themed snog from Driven to It, a story from Xcite’s When A Man Loves A Man collection.

Star footballer Jordan Kennedy has been banned from driving, and has had to hire a chauffeur to get him to training. The arrogant striker and his chauffeur don’t exactly see to eye, but the attraction that’s simmering below the surface is bound to come out, and when it does, the kissing starts…

I didn’t have a clue where we were, but I was sure he was taking me in completely the wrong direction. ‘Okay, fair enough, you’ve made your point,’ I said. ‘Now let’s get back to the main road.’

Callum ignored me. He pulled the car into a layby and cut the engine, slipping the car keys into his trouser pocket. ‘Get out of the car,’ he ordered me.

‘What are you playing at? In case you haven’t forgotten, I’m paying you to get me where I have to be, and I need to get to training right now or I’m really in the shit.’

‘Don’t worry, you’ll get there. But there’s something we have to sort out first.’ With that, he got out of the driver’s door, slamming it shut behind him.

Furious with his attitude, I followed suit, knowing we weren’t going anywhere until Callum decided to start the engine again and needing to do something to defuse the tension rising between the two of us. He came round to my side of the car, pressing me up against the passenger door with a strength that took me completely by surprise.

If he wants a fight, I thought, I’ll give him a fight. I’ll knock him into the middle of next week. It’s not like he hasn’t provoked me.

But instead, Callum murmured, ‘It’s time we got this out into the open…’

As he spoke, he reached into my tracksuit bottoms, grabbing hold of my cock. I started to protest, but he stifled my words with a kiss, mouth mashing wetly against mine.

I couldn’t resist his advance, didn’t even want to. Even though the rain was beating down hard on both of us, plastering my carefully gelled hair to my skull and soaking right through my training gear to my skin, I was totally lost in the feel of Callum’s mouth, his tongue battling with my own. Out here on this lonely country road, there was no one to see us, no one to judge us; just two blokes giving in to a powerful mutual attraction. My arms were round his neck, eyes closed and breathing harsh and heavy, as he continued to stroke my dick.

He broke the kiss long enough to say, ‘God, Jordan, I’ve wanted you since the moment I saw you. And you want me just as much…’

There was no denying that, not when my cock was rigid in his grasp and my head was filled with thoughts of what it would be like in the moment when those full lips of his closed around my helmet.

Somehow, we manoeuvred ourselves so Callum could open the rear door, pushing me inside so I sprawled on the leather seat.

Lust was etched on his features as he reached for the fastening of my tracksuit top, almost ripping the material in his frenzy to undress me. ‘Got to see you naked,’ he gasped.

I rose to a sitting position, making it easy for him to strip me of my top and the regulation club teeshirt beneath it, baring the abs I work so hard on in the gym. The crunches I put in, the careful monitoring of my body fat, they’d all helped to sculpt the body that had appeared on billboards across the country, promoting a range of male grooming products. But all the admiring comments I’d received in the press and on the unofficial messageboards from girls who didn’t have a clue why they never stood a chance with me, all the money I’d received for that advertising campaign, none of it mattered any more. Not now Callum had bent his head and was licking and kissing his way down the ridges of my six-pack.

When he came to the waistband of my trackie bottoms, he yanked them, along with my briefs, right down to my ankles and off. ‘Don’t tell me. Back, sack and crack?’ He grinned as he registered the total lack of hair round my cock, making it appear even bigger than it already was.

I didn’t answer. I was still getting my head round the fact I was now naked apart from my top-of-the-range trainers, while Callum hadn’t removed so much as his tie. His suit must have been sodden by now, but he didn’t make any move to take it off. He just unzipped himself and brought his own cock out. Thick and smooth, sticking out so filthily from his fly, it was hard to take my eyes off.

‘Roll over,’ Callum ordered me. ‘Show me that beautiful arse of yours.’

The action continues in When A Man Loves A Man, which you can pick up at Xcite Books and Amazon. And there are plenty more Sunday Snogs for you to enjoy over at Blissekiss – have fun!



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