Sunday Snog – Summer Sizzlers

summer sizzlersIt’s a sultry one this weekend – and that’s only the weather. Seemed like an appropriate time to share a Sunday Snog from Tourist Trap, my story in the Xcite Summer Sizzlers collection. To set the scene, Kate and Mark are on holiday in Romania, and have recruited the mysterious Dimi to lead them to an old castle that’s very much off the beaten track. But once they arrive, Dimi begins to show his true colours – and very dominant ones they are, too…

I didn’t know when this tower had been built, but it was long before the pretty-pretty crenellations of the famous castles I had hoped to visit. There was a distinct atmosphere contained within these ancient stone walls, something distilled – I knew it instinctively – from suffering and pain as much as love and pleasure. But I still needed an answer to the question which had been nagging me since we had begun our climb. ‘So why do people think this is a bad place?’

Dimi snorted in derision. ‘They are foolish. They see danger in all the wrong places.’

‘So it’s quite safe to be here – with you?’

He pulled me close. I looked round for Mark, but he had gone charging up the staircase, keen to explore what might be above us. When I turned my head back to Dimi, he quickly bent his head and pressed a hard, urgent kiss to my lips.

‘What are you–?’ I began, and then I stopped pretending I could resist him. I returned the kiss with fervour, wrapping my arms round his neck. His groin was flush against my stomach and I could feel his cock, hard as stone, pressing into me.

Dimi’s hands burrowed up under my T-shirt, stroking my back softly before turning their attention to the clasp of my bra. Nonchalantly, he sprung it open, letting my full breasts spill into his palms.

That was how Mark caught us when he came racing back down the stairs, eager to share his discoveries with us; Dimi with his tongue pressed forcefully into my willing mouth and his hands squeezing my tits.

‘Kate, what do you think you’re doing?’ he asked, in a voice which suggested he didn’t entirely object to what he was seeing. For a moment, I wondered whether this might all have been some set-up, cooked up between the two men in the bar the previous night, and the real reason I had been brought here was to take part in a threesome. If that was indeed the plan, I was more than happy to go along with it. The thought of being fucked by both these men was already making my pussy drip.

Dimi’s next words made me reconsider. ‘She does as she chooses. You will watch.’

He let go of me and strode over to Mark, removing the belt from his jeans as he went. Mark seemed almost hypnotised as Dimi looped the thin leather around his wrists, pulling it tight through the buckle and tying it off.

‘Now get on your knees,’ Dimi ordered.

And that’s only the start of the action. To find out what happens next, pick up Summer Sizzlers, which also contains stories by Giselle Renarde, Alcamia Payne, Leigh Clarke and Carmel Lockyer, from Xcite or Amazon. And don’t forget to visit and enjoy all the other Snogs on offer this weekend. They’ll be as hot!



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