You Want Trouble, You Got It

We had a great time at the Dirty Sexy Words reading slam in Croydon on Tuesday, and if you couldn’t make it, then there’ll be another event in September, so do go along and listen to some of the very best in erotic fiction.

The event finally gave me the chance to meet the very lovely Kristina Lloyd – it’s crazy that our paths haven’t crossed in person before now, given that I published some of her very first short stories back in my Forum days.

Kristina was reading from her classic Black Lace novel, Asking For Trouble, which is celebrating the 15th anniversary of its original publication (where does the time go?)

asking for troubleThis is the novel that probably best sums up the imprint’s intention to move from classic romance with a strong erotic thread running through it (the style which earned it the title ‘Jane Eyre with bondage’) to a more transgressive, contemporary feel. Many other titles came after, but no other author quite captured the mix of wit, danger and incredibly filthy sex that defines Asking For Trouble.

Heroine Beth runs a trendy bar in Brighton, and has a chaotic but basically comfortable life. Becoming intrigued by her new neighbour, the mysterious Ilya, she embarks on a relationship with him which involves the ultimate safeword – if either of them uses it, it’s not just the end of that sex game, it’s the end of everything between them. Gradually, Ilya enables Beth to live out all her fantasies of being a slutty sex toy to be used and enjoyed, but the man has secrets that could blow her world apart. The stakes are raised ever higher, until there’s a possibility that neither will come out of this relationship intact.

With romance coming to dominate the erotica market, it’s unlikely that Black Lace would take on Asking For Trouble if it were submitted to them today, which is a real shame. But if you want kink and edge in your fiction, then the book remains compulsory reading. You can get hold of it at Amazon, and find out more about Kristina here.

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