Backlist Blast: Uniform Behaviour

The best erotic fiction should always leave you feeling good, and the Uniform Behaviour anthology certainly does that. Not only did editor Lucy Felthouse choose a cracking selection of stories about characters who have a thing for men (and women) in uniform, a percentage of the royalties goes to the Help for Heroes charity. If you didn’t pick up a copy when it first came out, here’s an extract from my story in the anthology, Strictly No Parking, to give you a flavour of what you’ve missed.

uniform behaviourLate for an appointment, the narrator of the story has parked in a space designated for a senior member of staff, much to the disapproval of the company security guard:

“So, are you going to move your car?” The security guard interrupted my musings. He was standing closer now, and I realised he was barely into his twenties. Certainly not old enough to be addressing me in such a cocky tone of voice.

“What if I say no?” I asked, trying to sound more assertive than I felt. “What if I just leave it here and march straight into my meeting?”

“In that case, I’d have no choice but to teach you a lesson, show you what happens to bad girls who think they can break the rules.”

I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been called a bad girl; certainly it hadn’t been by someone as self-assured and, though I hated to admit it, horny as the man who stood before me now. Glancing swiftly down, I couldn’t help but notice a substantial bulge in the crotch of his uniform trousers. Was telling me what to do turning him on? If so, it made us a perfect fit, because despite my annoyance at his treatment of me, there was a distinct wetness in my panties. My body was responding to the idea of being taught a lesson by this brawny young security guard, and I was suddenly anxious to see whether he was prepared to carry out his threats.

“Well, now I know where I stand…” I turned on my heel and started to walk in the direction of Bevington’s reception area. Before I’d taken more than a couple of paces, the guard had caught me by the wrist. Spinning me round, he pressed me up against the wall.

I was suddenly, overwhelmingly aware of the difference in our respective builds. Even in my three-inch heels, I didn’t even come upto his shoulder. The emotion I felt wasn’t fear at being so securely in his grasp; it was arousal, causing my pussy to bloom against the lace crotch of my panties.

His musky, masculine aroma was strong as he bent his face close to my ear. “I gave you a chance, but you just had to disobey me, didn’t you? Well, now you find out what happens when you don’t do as you’re told.”

And what does happen? Find out in Uniform Behaviour, available here.


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