Take The Heat Update


Lovers of erotic noir and clever, kinky crime fiction need wait no longer – Take The Heat is now available to pre-order from Amazon. Click on the cover below to find out more. TakeTheHeat-500x750

And to give you a flavour of the stories on offer, here’s the very beginning of my contribution to the anthology, Disposing Of Donnie:

“So you see, Mr. Mackenzie, life would be so much easier if Donnie wasn’t around anymore.”

Luanne Palmer gazed at me across the diner’s table, looking up through mascara-thick eyelashes, her expression imploring. I’d seen that look from women before, and I’d never been able to resist its lure.

“Yeah, I see exactly what you mean—and please, call me Mike.”

“So you think you can do it for me, Mike? Kill the lousy son of a bitch?”

Her voice had risen, thick with passion and contempt, and I shushed her, afraid of anyone overhearing even though I’d picked the booth farthest from the counter for our little rendezvous. Glancing round, I saw that no one was paying us the least mind, and I relaxed a fraction.

I’d chosen to meet her at Nardiello’s for a couple of reasons. First, the diner was always quiet in the middle of the day, with less chance of any prospective client being spotted in my company. Second, they did the best damn apple pie in the state, so at least I’d get to eat well if Luanne Palmer turned out to be a no-show. God knows I’d had enough of those over the years: fantasists and time wasters who poured their hearts out over the phone to me about the man who just had to die, but lost their nerve at the last moment or couldn’t come up with the necessary green to turn that fantasy into reality.

But when Luanne had come clicking into Nardiello’s on those sky-high heels, body hugged by a cute polka-dot blouse and black pencil skirt and eyes disguised behind dark glasses, I knew everything about this dame was serious. The wiggle in her walk had my cock lurching to attention in my underwear, and when she’d sat opposite me, I’d caught a whiff of a perfume that spoke of midnight and sin.

To find out if the luscious Luanne gets her wish, pick up a copy of Take The Heat, where you’ll also be able to read smart and sexy stories from the best-selling likes of Skye Warren, Giselle Renarde and Shoshanna Evers. It’s hot!

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