What (Dutch) Women Want

OK, so this is just a way of showing off the fact that I’m learning to read and speak a little bit of Dutch, but on browsing the Spitsnieuws website (think the Netherlands equivalent of the Daily Star, though with more Justin Bieber) I found the results of a survey commissioned for the sex shop chain Christine le Duc into favourite fantasies. It seems that in the Netherlands, the top fantasy for women is sex in the open air (though not much chance of that with the freakily wet and cold weather they’ve had for a large part of the summer), followed by sex with more than one person and erotic roleplay third. For men, threesomes (or more) come top, then sex outdoors and sex with a celebrity. But there’s no sign of anyone wanting to do it in a windmill in Old Amsterdam…

You can see the full article (in Dutch) here.

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