Sunday Smooch – Abyssinian Heat

Some Sunday snogs coming up from books and stories with spooky themes this month, as Hallowe’en is on the horizon. Today, I’m bringing you a smoochy snippet from my Totally Bound shifter novella, Abyssinian Heat. One for cat lovers, this tells the story of Miranda, who’s just lost her beloved old moggy, Charlie, and is in the market for a replacement. In the meantime, she’s getting intimate with her on-off boyfriend, Finn – a bad boy who she knows isn’t any good for her, except in bed…

abyssinianheat_800Finn lifted me up out of the bath, not caring that he was splashing water down the front of his faded jeans. I was sure they would be coming off soon enough.

He wrapped the towel round me hastily, and carried me through to the bedroom. Placing me down on the bed, he bent over me and we shared a long, lingering kiss. My fingers tangled in his sleek black hair as our mouths mashed together. Finn never failed to rouse a deep hunger in me, an overpowering urge to have his cock buried in my aching pussy. But this was something beyond simple lust. This was a need to prove that life still went on, even though Charlie was gone. This was something raw and feral, an animal instinct my body couldn’t help but obey.

Impatient to have Finn naked, I grabbed the belt of his jeans, fumbling it undone before turning my attention to his zip.

“Whoa, slow down there, sweetheart,” Finn said in an amused tone.

“I can’t,” I replied. “I need to see that big, beautiful cock of yours. I want to feel it sliding up into my pussy, giving me the fucking of my life.”

Finn must have realised how out of character my behaviour was. I never used dirty talk and I usually let him take the lead in bed. Now, I was almost ripping the clothes off him and he was clearly loving it. He never wore underwear, so when I pulled his jeans down his cock uncoiled at once, almost pushing itself into my grasp. I stroked its hot, smooth length, marvelling at how quickly it grew fully hard.

Normally, I liked Finn to lick me for a while, getting me good and wet before he fucked me, but today my juices were already flowing freely. I pushed him on to his back and straddled his crotch, guiding his cock into place. Our eyes met, the devilish twinkle in Finn’s reflected in my own in the moment before I slowly sank down, taking him all the way inside me.

He reached up to play with my tits as I rode him, squeezing my muscles hard round his shaft to give him as much pleasure as I could.

“Don’t stop,” he begged as I pulled almost all the way off him. Leaning forward, I gave him a long, sensual kiss, before sliding back down. I could have teased him like that for a while, but the wild spirit that infected me urged me on to make us both come, soon and hard.

To find out what happens when Miranda acquires her new cat, and discovers the secrets both it and Finn are hiding, pick up a copy of Abyssinian Heat. And don’t forget to visit Blissekiss for loads more lovely snogs.


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