Sunday Snog – The Feel Of Wings


thefeelofwings_800Continuing with the spooky kisses as part of the Blissekiss Sunday Snog, here’s a snippet from my Totally Bound angels and demons-themed novella, The Feel of Wings. Faith is cataloguing the library in a house that once belonged to a student of the occult. She doesn’t believe the story of the man’s attempt to raise a demon – until she meets Andras…

Andras held out a beckoning hand. “Come to me, Faith.”

She didn’t think to argue, simply walked the few paces to where he stood.

“Kiss me,” he commanded, bending his head towards her.

Faith had to raise herself on tiptoes to come anywhere near reaching his mouth. Taking pity on her, conscious of the mismatch in their heights, Andras hitched her up till she could wrap her legs round the small of his back. She had no fear that he wouldn’t be able to hold her in that position for as long as necessary. His strength was superhuman, just like his build.

She wasn’t quite prepared for the feel of his mouth. She’d expected his skin to be cold, like a dead thing, but he was warm, vital. When he pressed his lips to hers they almost burned her, both with their heat and their passion. As he said, it had been a long time—with so much pent-up desire to release she wondered whether she could take it all.

He explored her mouth with bruising thoroughness. His kisses left her lips swollen, his teeth nipping at the soft flesh. Faith could smell the odd, other-worldly scent of him—a mixture of feathers, smoke and exotic spices—like nothing she’d ever known before. She ground herself against him, trying to manoeuvre herself into a position where the head of his cock pressed against her pussy. But Andras had other ideas.

“Have you ever learned how rewarding pleasure can be when mixed with pain?” Andras murmured in her ear. “Or that you have not truly experienced orgasm till it has been wrenched from your bound, helpless body?” When she didn’t immediately answer, he continued. “I take your silence as meaning that I have much to teach you, sweet Faith. But first, let me shed a little light on the subject…”

He snapped his fingers together, and fire burned at their tips. No heat came from the flames, just a cold white light. Another snap, and every candle in the study blazed into life.

Find out what happens when Faith’s guardian angel enters the erotic fray by reading The Feel Of Wings, available from Totally Bound. And check out Blissekiss for the many delicious snogs on offer today.


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