The Secret Is About To Be Revealed…

His Secret Boss has a release date – January 22nd, just when you’re in need of something to cheer you up as the post-Christmas blues set in. And what’s even better, the book’s now available to pre-order on Amazon.

Here’s the blurb to whet your appetite.

Claudia Anthony, the overachieving owner of a successful hotel chain, is recruited to take part in the reality TV show Secret CEO. Disguised as Jane Ennis, she takes on a job at The Anthony in Aberpentre, a Welsh seaside town that has seen better days. She finds herself working under young, headstrong Rhodri Wynn-Jones, who has no clue of her real identity. Soon, passion flares and although Claudia knows there are lines she can’t cross, she just can’t keep away.

Rhodri is falling in love with Jane – but what will happen if he learns he’s actually having an affair with his boss?

To go to the book’s Amazon page, click on the cover below. And don’t forget to pop over to the Naughty Corner nearer the release date, when I’ll be sharing a snippet or two from the book.

His Secret Boss6

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