Starting The Week With Some Spooky Standing Stones

The second book in my Lionhearts male/male shifter series, Taming The Lion, has just been contracted, so I thought I’d share something of the inspiration for this particular book. The books are loosely connected, with a different pair of main characters and a new mystery for each story, and in Taming The Lion the action moves from the Netherlands to Bath and its surrounding countryside. The human protagonist, Jon, is a university professor researching the legends surrounding the standing stones that can be found throughout Britain but have a particularly high concentration in Somerset and Wiltshire.

Perhaps it’s because I saw the TV series Children of the Stones at an impressionable age but I’ve always thought there was something deeply sinister about these sites, especially as one of the theories about their creation is that they were used for ritual sacrifice. This is the opposite to a good friend of mine (hi, Diamond!) whose reaction to seeing Stonehenge up close and personal was, ‘It’s just some rocks.’ Whatever your own point of view on the subject, here are some standing stones courtesy of Wikimedia Commons to get you in the mood for Taming The Lion.

A section of the Rollright Stones by Steve Daniels

A section of the Rollright Stones by Steve Daniels

The Devil's Arrows by Gordon Hatton

The Devil’s Arrows by Gordon Hatton

Stonehenge by Frederic Vincent

Stonehenge by Frederic Vincent

Avebury Stone Circle by Gazimoff

Avebury Stone Circle by Gazimoff

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