Sunday Snog – The Pride Of Amsterdam

Sunday means snogs, and as The Pride of Amsterdam receives its official release this coming Friday, I thought I’d share a kiss from the start of the book. This is the moment when Kees, eager for a new experience on what might be the night the world ends, Millennium Eve, gets close to a sexy stranger at a party…

theprideofamsterdam_800“I’m just not a great one for parties, that’s all,” Kees mumbled. Always shy around people he didn’t know, he found his throat drying and the hairs on his neck prickling in response to the man’s presence. More than that, he was all too conscious of a sudden tension in his groin. He felt his cock thicken and grow. He blushed, unable to prevent his body’s response to being in the presence of someone so masculine, so vital, so…arousing.

“And yet here you are,” the stranger commented.

“Well, I came because my friend wanted to, but he’s just hooked up with a girl. And I’m really not very good at making conversation with people I don’t know very well.”

“There are other things one can do than make conversation.” Again, his new companion ran a hand through his glorious mass of hair and fixed Kees with a stare that held him rooted to the spot. He’d never had such an instant, powerful reaction to anyone, and all he wanted to do was to sink to his knees and obey this man’s every wish.

“I don’t— That is, I…” he stammered.

The man put a finger to Kees’ lips, gently silencing him. Kees fought the urge to take that digit between his lips and suck.

“What is your name?”


“Did you know you’re really cute when you blush, Kees?”

The observation sent the flush back to his cheeks, harder than before. He shivered, aware of the man’s strong physical presence and seductive, musky smell. That scent didn’t come out of a bottle. He knew it to be pure, primal male, and he wanted to breathe it in forever.

“This is a big building,” his companion said casually. “I’m sure we can find somewhere a little quieter. Somewhere we can be alone.”

Kees took a gulp of his punch, no longer flinching at the strength of the alcohol. He needed all the courage he could muster to agree to such a blatant proposition. His jeans had grown uncomfortably tight, struggling to contain the urgent swelling of his dick, and more than anything he wanted to be somewhere private, where he could bare himself to this man. Yet still he hesitated.

“Don’t be afraid, Kees. I’m not going to ask of you anything you’re not prepared to offer. But let me give you just a little taste of what I have in mind…”

He bent his head, and put his mouth to Kees’. When he ran his tongue along the seam of Kees’ lips, there was no resisting the gentle pressure.
The room seemed to dissolve around them as they kissed. Kees could no longer hear the music that had been assaulting his eardrums or see the wild, uncoordinated dancing. He was lost in the softness of this stranger’s mouth and as their bodies pressed together, he could feel the man’s erection up against his belly. He wanted to reach down and grasp it through its denim covering, but that seemed like entirely too forward an act.

You can find out more about The Pride of Amsterdam at Totally Bound, as well as reading the reviews it’s received so far. And you can check out more delicious lip-locks at Blissekiss, the home of the Snog…


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