Sunday Snog – His Secret Boss

His Secret Boss6

Yes, it’s that Sunday Snog time of the week again, and as my Cariad Romance novel, His Secret Boss, is officially released on Thursday (yes, it’s a big couple of weeks for me in terms of new releases but sometimes the planets align that way…) here’s an extract.

Hotel chain owner Claudia Anthony has agreed to take part in a reality show where CEOs go undercover to discover why part of their business is underperforming. She’s taken on a menial job at the Anthony Hotel in the rundown Welsh seaside town of Aberpentre, where she’s started butting heads with the cute young manager, Rhodri Wynn-Jones. Here’s the moment where Claudia and Rhodri get up close and personal for the first time:

He stepped a pace closer, and I looked up at him, silhouetted in the subdued orange glow of a streetlamp. Even though I wore heels, he still had a good few inches on me. Tension hung in the air between us.

I parted my lips a fraction, though whatever I’d intended to say was swallowed up as Rhodri swooped down to claim my mouth with a kiss.

His lips were soft against mine, and I brought my hands up to twine round the back of his neck as I raised myself up on my toes. There was a moment’s awkwardness as I manoeuvred so my unfamiliar glasses weren’t poking against my flesh, or his, and then I settled into the kiss. It was deep, intense; my body seeming to melt against his. Rhodri’s tongue explored the contours of my mouth and I moaned, the sound swallowed up by the night.

He grabbed my bum cheeks in both hands and pulled me tight to him, breaking the passionate lip-lock so he could trail soft kisses over my neck and down to the hollow of my throat. With our bodies pressed together, I was all too aware of his cock, thick and solid, pushing at me. Even the layers of clothing between us failed to disguise its heat and urgency. He wanted me, just as much as I wanted him.

Heat burned between my legs. We gazed into each other’s eyes. Maybe things were moving too fast here, but I didn’t care. I was more than ready to take this further.

I was about to suggest that we go up to my apartment, where we could have a little privacy, when Rhodri’s phone rang.

To find out what happens next, pick up a copy of His Secret Boss. To read more sizzling snogs, go to Blissekiss and see who’s sharing a sexy extract this week.



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