Sunday Snog – In Clover


It strikes me that I’m overdue to feature a Sunday Snog with some girl-on-girl action, so I’ve delved into my backlist to put that right. Here’s a very naughty kiss from In Clover, my story in Xcite’s Lesbian Love 2 collection. Rebecca is visiting a lapdancing club with her male colleagues, and while the men have been hoping to get intimate with dancer Clover, Rebecca has hit the jackpot. Warning – this one is explicit!

Pushing the door open gently, I found Clover on her knees, waiting for me. There was a comfortable-looking chair in the centre of the room, and I sat down in it. Without being told, Clover crawled over to lesbian love 2me. Just as I had recognised her submissive nature by the slave collar she wore, I wondered if she had picked up on my dominant side from my starched white blouse, pinstripe skirt suit and severe black-framed glasses.

As she had in the club downstairs, she began toying with her nipples through her top. This time, I wanted to see more. ‘Strip,’ I ordered her, ‘then put your fingers in your pussy. I want to see you play with yourself while you’re licking my cunt.’

Obediently, Clover peeled out of the mesh bodystocking. Her shaved pussy looked good enough to eat, but I wouldn’t be sampling it just yet. Instead, I settled back and waited for her to start feasting on me.

She pushed my skirt up my thighs, then helped me out of my drenched knickers. She took a long sniff, as though memorising my scent, before placing them on the floor. Her fingers traced along my freshly waxed sex lips, gently prising them apart.

I almost wished Josh and the others could be here as Clover’s small pink tongue darted out, licking along the length of my slit. It would have been fun to have them lined up, cocks out and wanking while they watched. Look but don’t touch, boys, I thought, throwing my head back and giving into the delicious sensation of Clover sucking my clit.

I cupped my own breasts, teasing my nipples through the layers of clothing I wore ’til they were doing their best to burst through my bra. Glancing down, I could see Clover’s blonde head bobbing between my stocking-clad thighs. I grabbed a fistful of her hair, using it to help set the pace at which she was licking me. Like the good slave she was, she didn’t moan or complain. She simply let herself be guided by her mistress’ needs and demands.

To read more, get hold of Lesbian Love 2, which also features stories by Cameo Brown, Lynn Lake, Antonia Adams and Korben Rushe. And check out the other delicious snogs on Blissekiss – where kissing gets erotic…


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