Sunday Snog – Something Within Him

Welcome to another Sunday Snog, and this week’s kissing action is for those of you who like stories with an older woman/younger man vibe. It’s from the Totally Bound novella Something Within Him, a particular favourite among the things I’ve written.

Kate has taken her young assistant Stephen on a business trip abroad, and they’ve reached the point where the attraction that’s been simmering between them has finally boiled over:

somethingwithinhim_800In the lobby, I slipped off my shoes once more, so I could negotiate the stairs without mishap. “If the staircase weren’t quite so narrow, I’d carry you up to the room,” Stephen told me. I didn’t doubt that he could manage it, and I was loving the way he made me feel so special, as though nothing were too much effort as long as it pleased me.

“I should make you do it anyway,” I replied, “after your little performance in the dining room. What would have happened if anyone had realised what you were doing to me?”

“But you looked so beautiful,” Stephen said, “trying not to come, but not being able to stop yourself. I’d love to get you off like that in one of your publishing meetings, with you trying to be really professional while my fingers were buried in your cunt under the table.”

By this time, we were at the door of our room. The first time I swiped the card key, it didn’t open. Then I realised I had inserted it the wrong way round, I was so flustered by Stephen’s dirty talk and the way his fingers had insinuated themselves into the sides of my dress so he could cup my breasts and rub my nipples.

“You’ve got gorgeous tits,” he sighed, turning me round and pressing me against the door before I could attempt to open it again. The next thing I knew, he was fumbling with the fastening at the neck of my dress. He swiftly undid it and let it slither off my shoulders, leaving me standing in the corridor naked except for my stockings and panties.

“Stephen, what if anyone sees us?” I exclaimed, a note of panic in my voice. although my pussy was pulsing hotly with the excitement of being stripped bare in public.

“Then they’ll just think what a lucky so-and-so I am.” He took the card key from my fingers and let us into the room. I scooped up my dress from the floor, and dashed inside before anyone could come up the stairs.

Once inside, Stephen flicked on the lights and turned the dimmer switch down, bathing us both in a flattering golden glow. He pulled me down onto the couch beside him and we kissed, our tongues twining together. I tugged at Stephen’s shirt buttons, anxious to get him naked. He joined in, pulling off his shoes and socks and undoing his trousers. By the time I had him down to his underwear, I thought we were about even, and I took my first good look at his body.

He looked practically edible, his skin bearing the faint remnants of a honeyed tan. His muscles were nicely toned, his body tapering down from broad shoulders and a hairless chest to a slim waist and hips. Through the tight-fitting white trunks he wore, I could see the outline of his erection, thick and bending to the left. A little spot of pre cum on the front of the cotton clearly betrayed his excitement. Seeing the lust shining in his eyes, I could tell how much he wanted me. It no longer mattered that I was twice his age, nor that I was a working woman at the top of my profession and he was a mere student. We were just two horny, near-naked people who were desperate to fuck each other.

It didn’t mean I had to relinquish complete control, though. After all, I’d had all the pleasure up till now, and I was anxious to return the favour. As Stephen stood by the couch, I sank to my knees and pressed my lips to his cock through his trunks. Just as he had teased me without actually touching my bare sex, I was going to do the same to him—at least for a little while. Gently, I mouthed him through the cotton, planting little kisses along his length. He groaned, registering the feeling of my wet mouth and the way it made his underwear cling to him, revealing his shaft and balls even more explicitly.

“God, Kate, no one’s ever thought to suck me like this before,” he said. “It feels so good.”

Something Within Him is available from Totally Bound. And there are plenty more sizzling snogs to be found as part of this week’s Sunday Snog, brought to you by Blissekiss.


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