Sunday Snog – Taming The Lion

tamingthelion_800Taming The Lion, Book Two in the Lionhearts series, is now available as an exclusive early download from Totally Bound. In this book, the action moves from the Netherlands to Bath, as lion shifter Kaspar attempts to start a new life after failing to be made leader of the Amsterdam pride. Here, as part of the Blissekiss Sunday Snog round-up, is a short but very hot kissing scene as Kaspar indulges his voyeuristic side:

Kaspar glanced at the two men across the way, now face to face with their mouths locked in a passionate kiss. God, how he envied them. If only it were he who stood with his arms wrapped around some hot guy, enjoying the taste of his lover’s soft lips and feeling the slight prickle of stubble against his chin.

Unable to resist the urgent demands of his body any longer, he pushed a hand into his sweatpants and took hold of his shaft. When he ran his hand gently along it, he discovered that pre-cum had already gathered at its tip. He spread the slippery droplets over his cockhead and down, to make the shuttling passage of his fingers easier.
The blond sank down to his knees so that only the top of his head remained visible above the window sill. Kaspar needed more in the way of lubrication but he didn’t want to miss a minute of the show his neighbors were putting on for him. He dashed into the bedroom where he stripped out of his sweatpants before grabbing the bottle of baby oil from the nightstand.

When he returned to the living room, it was to be greeted by the glorious sight of the blond bobbing his head up and down on his lover’s length. Kaspar couldn’t see very much of what was happening so he let his imagination fill in the blanks. But in his mind, he was the one who had a man kneeling naked at his feet, tonguing his dick.

He squeezed a copious amount of oil onto his palm. Now his fingers glided effortlessly from base to crown as he wanked himself. With his other hand, he cupped and rolled his balls, enjoying the shivers of pleasure the action sent through him.

As Kaspar’s excitement mounted, he turned his gaze on the man receiving the blow job. Bliss was clearly etched on the stranger’s face. His eyes were half-closed and he seemed to be muttering something. Was he asking to be sucked harder? Maybe he was praising the blond for his efforts or ridiculing him with a sneer in his voice as the two played out some game of domination and submission.

So many delicious possibilities. So many things Kaspar yearned to enjoy.

Find Taming The Lion in the Totally Bound bookstore, and check out Blissekiss for more delicious snogs.


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