Sunday Snog – Away From It All

awayfromitall_800In the mood for a hot snog? Well, I’ve delved into my back catalogue to bring you a snippet from one of my BDSM-themed Totally Bound novellas, Away From It All. Alyssa thinks she’s going to have a boring time on a spa retreat when her best friend has to miss the trip. Then she meets dominant, demanding and very cute film star Drew, and soon she’s having the best sex of her life…

Enjoy the moment, her inner voice told her. Don’t think about what’ll happen when you go your separate ways. He’s the hottest man you’ve ever known and he loves the way you submit to him. Be happy with that.

As if sensing how her thoughts threatened to run away with her, Drew pulled her into his arms. He crushed his mouth against hers in an urgent, bruising kiss. Not caring that someone might come by and see them, she wrapped her arms around his neck, grinding her body against his. Beside them, candle flames flickered, their reflections caught in the surface of the pool, the effect strangely ethereal.

Breaking the kiss, Alyssa panted, “Want you so much. Need you inside me.”

“All in good time, sweetheart.” Drew captured her nipple between thumb and finger, pinching until the pleasure was undercut with sweet pain.

She threw her head back, gasping, pushing her crotch hard at Drew’s still-covered bulge. “Please, Drew. I want to be fucked. I want to come.”

“Demanding little thing, aren’t you?”

Drew chuckled, but he didn’t keep her waiting any longer. Guiding her out of the water, he picked up their discarded robes and took her over to one of the loungers that lined the side of the pool. Caught up in her need for him, Alyssa no longer cared about being naked. All she wanted was to feel Drew’s cock filling her once more.

Find out just how far Alyssa is willing to go to make all her submissive fantasies come true in Away From It All, and pop over to Blissekiss, home of the Sunday Snog, for all the kisses you’ll need to spice up your weekend…


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