Sunday Snog – Steal Your Soul Away

As promised, here’s a snog from Steal Your Soul Away, my story in the Totally Bound Wild After Dark anthology. Burlesque dancer Angelique has a secret – she’s really a 250-year-old vampire. It’s one of the reasons she has a ‘look but don’t touch’ rule with the guys she dances for. But that rule has gone out of the window on meeting Tom:

wildafterdark_800They half fell through the open door and into the hallway, colliding with a bicycle that one of the students who lived in the ground floor flat kept chained up there.

“Merde, now we’ll have woken everyone in the building up.” Angelique barely knew her neighbours, though she occasionally saw one or other of the students if they were staggering home at the same time as she arrived back from Club Peekaboo.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll be fine.” Tom paused on the stairs to kiss her again, on the lips this time.

His mouth was warm and soft, and she realised with a shock just how long it had been since she’d been properly kissed.

By the time they reached her front door, Tom had pulled off her shawl, and she had loosened his tie and undone half of the buttons on his shirtfront. Need pulsed through her veins, and when she gazed into his eyes, she saw that the pupils were wide with lust.

Angelique dragged Tom into her flat without effort. Her strength and muscularity didn’t seem to surprise him. Perhaps he put it down to her gymnastic dance routines.

She pushed him up against the wall and quickly undid his shirt the rest of the way. He shrugged his jacket off, then the shirt, and Angelique smiled at the sight of his bare, brawny chest. His skin was tanned an appealing shade of honey. A small, deeply buried part of her envied his ability to spend time in the sun.

Tom drove the thought from her mind by mashing his mouth to hers, while with one hand he groped for the zip on her dress. She went limp in his arms as he stripped the garment from her, only stepping out of it once it had dropped to the floor.

This wasn’t how she’d envisaged the seduction. She’d planned to take him up to the roof garden, where they could have drunk wine and maybe enjoyed a few stolen kisses. But his blood was roused, and she could scent his excitement, more subtly masculine than the sharp, intoxicating stink of his friend, the wolf.

Don’t think about him. He has no place here…

Tom brought her back to the moment by reaching for the fastening on her bra and pulling it open

“Gorgeous,” he murmured, looking at her breasts with stunned admiration.

So funny of him to be so in awe of what he’d already seen on stage, but she supposed he must be trying hard to separate her fantasy persona, the distant and untouchable Clair de Lune, from the woman who stood before him now in nothing but lace panties and heels.

“You’re pretty easy on the eye yourself,” she responded, pressing herself tight to him as she worked to unbuckle his belt. His cock, long and virile in his clinging trousers, was imprinted in her mind, and she was desperate to hold that big, beautiful thing in her hand.

She nipped at his neck, playfully at first, but as he responded to her caresses, she felt her canine teeth begin to lengthen. They pricked at his skin, hard enough to draw blood. The rich, coppery aroma awakened her need to feed on him, and she fought the urge to sink her fangs deeper.

Find out how Tom reacts to Angelique’s revelation of her true nature, and read five more stories that mix vampires, humans and werewolves in the sexiest of ways in Wild After Dark. And check out lots more spicy Sunday Snogs at Blissekiss – where kissing is always erotic.


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