Book Review: A Place To Belong By Hurri Cosmo

(A review copy was supplied by Indiego in exchange for an honest review)

a place to belongLogan Perry thinks he’s found his dream job, working as a carer for wealthy widow Gail McFarren. Moving to Texas has helped him escape from a family who can’t accept that he’s gay, and brought him close to Gail’s grandson, Bradley, who Logan is harbouring an enormous crush on. But when Gail’s health fails, leaving her in a coma, Logan and Bradley have no choice but to summon her friends and family to pay their final respects. One of the visitors is Bradley’s brother, Clayton, who has a long-standing gambling addiction and is as cold and calculating as Bradley is warm and generous. Clayton’s outright hostility to Logan, coupled with Bradley dropping heavy hints about his own plans for the rest of his life, seem to threaten the end of Logan’s Texan idyll. Will he have to start the search for a place to belong all over again?

A Place To Belong is a quick read, simple and straightforward in its plot and intentions. The characterisation is very broad – Clayton is a pantomime villain, practically twirling a moustache as he treats Logan like dirt, while Logan himself is almost breathtakingly naive, unable to spot all the clues Bradley is parading before him. But the story is warm-hearted and ultimately uplifting. Even though the book has a four-flame rating, there’s only one real sex scene, though it’s a tender, sensual one that provides a perfect climax (in several senses of the word…). Fans of Hurri Cosmo will definitely enjoy this, and it should also bring her some new admirers.

The book is available from Amber Quill Press, and you can find out more about it at Goodreads.

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