Book Review: One Night In Madrid by JD Martins

one night in madridDanny moved from his native Ireland to Madrid, where he has a comfortable if predictable lifestyle. Though he misses his home town and his old friends, he has no great desire to move back there. His world is turned upside down when he spots a familiar face in one of his favourite bars. Aisling is the girl he spent his college years lusting over from afar, fantasising about fantastic sex with her would be. But she never seemed to notice him, leaving him with the impression she was a spoiled, stuck-up little rich girl. But impressions can be deceptive, and over the course of a long, hot Spanish night, Danny comes to realise Aisling isn’t the girl he thought she was…

The storyline of One Night In Madrid doesn’t stretch much beyond that simple description, but this is more of a mood piece than a plot-driven adventure. Madrid is one of those cities than comes alive at night, and JD Martins contrasts the fast-paced, lively clubbing scene with the slowly unfolding attraction between Danny and Aisling. It’s inevitable that the two will end up in bed, as Danny comes to realise the differences in their outlook and background don’t really matter at all, but getting to that point is half the fun. What begins as a sensual seduction that involves tequila shooters being drunk in highly erotic fashion culminates in intense, satisfying sex in Aisling’s hotel room.

In Danny and Aisling, DJ Martins creates characters who forge a convincing bond and discover genuine feelings for each other over the course of their time together, behaving in a way you can believe two people who haven’t ever properly connected with each other might. The banter between them is engaging, and the Madrid backdrop is rich and well described. One Night In Madrid is by turns nostalgic, passionate and bittersweet, and definitely worth a read.

Find out more about the book, and JD Martins, at the Tirgear publishing site.

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