Book Review: Beyond The Sea By Kiera Andrews

Troy Tanner may have found fame and fortune as part of the hottest boy band in the world, Next Up, but his life is still full of complications. He’s with his girlfriend, Savannah, more out of duty than love, and his brother and fellow band member Tyson has a drug habit that’s getting worse by the day. Troy’s father was an addict who died of an overdose, and he doesn’t want to see his brother go the same way, so he carries out his threat to quit the band if he catches Tyson using again. He doesn’t care about the consequences; he simply needs to be as far away from Tyson as possible, and if that means chartering a private plane in the middle of the night, that’s what he’ll do. But when a cyclone forces a crash landing that leaves the pilot dead and Troy a thousand miles from civilisation with only injured co-pilot Brian Sinclair for company, it looks like his real problems have just begun…

Being stranded on a desert island, fighting for survival alongside someone you’re attracted to, is hardly a new idea, beyond the seaand if handled poorly it can be riddled with clichés and cringe-worthy moments (anyone remember the appalling Swept Away pretty much finishing off Madonna’s film career?) But in Troy and Brian, Kiera Andrews creates an engaging couple whose struggles on the island they christen Golden Sands are all too believable. Both carry serious amounts of emotional baggage – while Troy has his family troubles, Brian suffers from survivor’s guilt after being involved in an earlier fatal plane crash – and they have to find a way to work through that as well as dealing with more pressing matters like finding food and water, making a shelter, and not picking up an illness or infection that might kill them without medical attention.

The sexual attraction between them is something they try to fight at first, putting it down to their need for physical contact and the fact there’s no one else around, as they both consider themselves straight. But once they’ve made their first tentative explorations they realise there’s something deeper involved, and soon they can’t keep their hands off each other. The sex scenes, when they finally arrive, are scorching hot, as Troy and Brian explore pretty much everything two men can do to each other, both learning what the other enjoys as they go.

Beyond The Sea is at its strongest when Troy and Brian are trapped on the island, learning about each other’s strengths and weaknesses and falling in love. Somehow, the storyline becomes less realistic once they’re back home, as they appear to slot back into their everyday lives without problems and everyone around them, even Troy’s conservative Filipina mother, accepts their relationship with a shrug and a ‘that’s cool’. But overall, this is an enjoyable, escapist book with plenty to offer fans of MM romance – just don’t read it on a flight…

Beyond The Sea is available from Amazon US, Amazon UK, ARe, iTunes, Kobo and Smashwords.

(I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review.)


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