Box Of Delights

Ninety-nine per cent of the time, when I’m asked to review anything, it’s a book. Which is fun, and I’ve discovered some great authors that way, but dewci boxvery occasionally a delicious parcel will appear that’s just begging for a write-up. That was the case with Dewci Box – a discreet black box packed with all manner of erotic goodies. Dewci is a new service that works like those food box subscriptions that aim to provide all the ingredients for putting together the perfect meal. Only in this case, the ingredients are things like massage oil, blindfolds, lube and condoms, and you use them to create a bespoke night in. If you don’t have time to make that trip to Sh! and you find something soulless about buying a vibrator on the internet, Dewci aims to add a little mystery and sophistication to the process of stocking up on sex toys.

There are three styles of box available – Funloving, Relaxing Intimate and Weekender – and the service is designed so that you can sample a one-off box, or set up a monthly subscription. The exact contents of the boxes vary from month to month, so you’ll never know quite what you’ll be receiving, but they’re supplied by a number of very well known names and they’re all high quality. The selection I received included, among other things, a sensual massage, bath and body oil by Ayumi, some Playboy condoms, and a magic bullet vibrator from one of my old Forum magazine favourites, Lovehoney. Throw in a (non-alcoholic) Mojito cocktail mixer and some chocolate hearts, and you’ve got the recipe for a loved-up evening even if you’re spending it alone in front of the TV.

You can find out more about Dewci at Now I’m off to enjoy my Mojito…



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