Symphony Amore Is Out Now

If you’ve ever listened to a tune that aroused your passions, or found yourself lusting after someone who knows how to get the best out of their musical instrument, then you’ll find plenty to enjoy in Symphony Amore: Erotic Stories of Love and Music. Edited by the very talented Jordan Monroe and published by Sexy Little Pages, this collection focuses on the sex appeal of music and musicians. Jordan has deliberately chosen stories that don’t feature well-worn scenarios like rock star and groupie – instead, most of the storylines revolve around the world of classical music, though the talented individual at the heart of Rebecca Chase’s Beautiful Destruction is a DJ, and her instrument of choice is the turntable.

In these pages, you’ll find violinists (the mystery musician in my own contribution, Verlagan, included), cellists, pianists and saxophone players. The brass trio in Jordan Monroe’s story of the same name explore all the ways they can they play together, while a conductor who’s going through a crisis of confidence rediscovers her abilities at the hands of a skilled dominatrix in Nanisi Barrett D’Arnuk’s Her Fall From Power. However, the most unusual style of music is that in Rosalia Zizzo’s Rhythm Of The Dishwasher, in which her heroine weaves a very raunchy fantasy inspired by the sound of the dishwasher going through its cycle.

Making sweet music is what this book is about, and you can pick up a copy from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes and Kobo. Play on!

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