Moons, Myths And Mayhem Is Here

Another month, and another quality Sexy Little Pages anthology hits the shelves. Edited by the very talented Dale Cameron Lowry, Myths Moons And Mayhem is a collection of gay paranormal menage tales – and it’s as hot as you could hope for.

As you’d expect with a book of this type, the stories feature a wide range of supernatural and otherworldly creatures. It wouldn’t be a paranormal anthology without werewolves and vampires. Carl Redlum’s When The Big Moon Shines has a young, recently turned werewolf who finds a couple of fellow wolves to help him come to terms with his new appetites, while Morgan Elektra’s The Endless Knot contains the always entertaining combination of a werewolf, a vampire and a human, who share a horny Halloween encounter.

Elsewhere, Close Encounters Of The Three-way Kind is Rob Rosen’s X-rated take on an alien invasion, Celyn’s Tale by Rhidian Brinig Jones delves deep into Welsh folklore, Greg Kosebjorn’s Squatchin’ follows a couple of Bigfoot hunters who discover something they never expected while on their latest expedition and Clare London’s Inside Man is the story of a ghost who finds an unusual way to experience the pleasures of sex once more.

The remaining stories all feature magic users of one kind or another. In Rebecca Buchanan’s The Secret Of The Golden Cup, a college professor realises a hidden artefact he’s been itching to study has powers he could never have imagined, while Dale Cameron Lowry’s The Cave, set in Madagascar, features a team of lusty palaeontologists who have a whole raft of magic powers at their fingertips. My own contribution, Careful What You Wish For, is a revised version of a story first published by Dreamspinner, and tells what happens when a college student pining hopelessly for his roommate gets the opportunity to cast a love spell that will bring Mr Right to him.

If all that sounds like fiction to give you a thrill up the spine this Halloween, Myths, Moons and Mayhem is available from Amazon US, Amazon UK, and Kobo, and you can find out more about the book and leave your own review at Goodreads.

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