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a short cambodian affair Contains the story Keeping Score 

Just how does demure music student, Roxy, find herself penning the score for an award-winning porn film? It all starts with a trip to the beautiful city of Amsterdam and a meeting with the very horny Kai Van Der Arend, where the action on screen is only the prelude to some very hot action in Kai’s houseboat home…

bad girl's sweet kissA blow-by-blow anthology of first-time fellatio and other oral delights

Edited by Chrissie Bentley, The Bad Girl’s Sweet Kiss brings together her own experiences of oral sex as well as those of many other erotic writers from all over the world. In this diverse collection of blow-by-blow accounts exploring an oft-overlooked act of intimacy, you’ll find something to shock, titillate, amuse as well as trigger memories of your own oral initiation.

big and beautiful Contains the story Tight

Eleanor really needs to make a good impression at her job interview, but a mishap at the dry cleaner has left her wearing a suit which is far too tight. It shows off every detail of her voluptuous body, much to the delight of Ryan, who’s conducting the interview. He adores curvy figures, and he also knows the best thing to do with a gorgeously big bottom is… spank it!…

christmas rendezvous When Juliette Milner is invited to spend Christmas in Bruges with her ex-boyfriend, Dale, she thinks an old flame is about to be rekindled. But Dale’s invitation isn’t all it seems, and Juliette finds herself stranded. A chance conversation leads her to the bed and breakfast run by Laurens, who has a room free thanks to a last-minute cancellation. And as she finds herself growing closer to Laurens on a sightseeing tour, Juliette realises she might enjoy a special Christmas rendezvous after all …

cooking up troubleThe good news is that Morgan Jones has landed her dream job, co-presenting the Saturday morning TV cookery show, Cook’s Treat. The bad news is she’ll be working alongside the hottest celebrity chef in London, Scott Harley, who’s trashed her in public. The attraction between the two of them is undeniable, and their chemistry on the show disguises the tension behind the scenes – a tension that grows more sexual by the day. Can she stand the heat – or should she get out of the kitchen?

crossing the line.jpgAmazon top ten best-seller

Elinor needs peace and quiet to finish her novel, and the isolated cottage seems like the ideal place to work – until she meets her noisy, but annoyingly hot, neighbour. Their battle to establish their own territory takes on an increasingly erotic edge, as dominant Jamie finds a willing partner in submissive Ellie, but are there some lines that shouldn’t be crossed?

gay love.jpgContains the story Put a Ring on It

When Ian sees his friend Dylan’s new Prince Albert piercing in the shower, he wonders what it would feel like during sex. But Dylan is straight and married, so there’s no chance of finding out – or so Ian thinks. Dylan challenges him to a game of pool, with the loser having to do whatever the winner wants, and suddenly it seems Dylan is kinkier and more demanding than Ian could ever have imagined…

million dollar buttContains the story The Girl With the Million-dollar Butt

Pop singer Ciara Keane isn’t too impressed with her manager’s plan to insure her bottom for a million dollars. She thinks it’s just a cheap publicity stunt, until she meets the insurance company’s assessor, Leo, and realises he has a very hands-on approach to establishing her suitability for a policy…

hisWhen Sean Bradley gets an invitation to Dante’s, the most exclusive gay club in town, he doesn’t realise it will change his life forever. The club’s owner, Dante Capello, sets about leading him into a world of BDSM pleasures, where he will learn how to receive the strictest of punishments and obey without question. How far is Sean prepared to go to truly become his?

‘A brilliantly evocative and erotic story of Dom and sub’ – The Romance Reviews

layoverFlight attendant, Cal, knows he’s dropped lucky when his schedule sees him spending a 26-hour layover at a luxury resort on the beautiful island of Aruba. And that’s before he meets Justin, the gorgeous and deliciously kinky resort manager. So when a tropical storm grounds the plane home, and lets him spend more time in Justin’s company, he’s sure he’s truly found paradise. But will his new-found happiness be snatched away when the time comes to return to England?

lesbian love.jpgContains the story The Black Lily

Notorious jewel thief, The Black Lily, is planning one last heist before she retires, and she has her sights on the jewelled chastity belt created by hot young artist Jasper Spence. She plans to lift the belt on the opening night of Spence’s latest exhibition, but when she comes face to face with the submissive beauty chosen to model it, she finds the object of her desire changing rapidly…

lesbian love 2Contains the story In Clover

Rebecca’s colleagues think she will be horrified when they take her to an exclusive gentlemen’s club and buy her a lap dance. What they don’t realise is Rebecca loves girls, particularly pretty blonde submissive girls like dancer Clover. And when Clover offers to give Rebecca a private dance, she simply can’t resist.

lesbian love 3Contains the story Sticky Fingers

Sylvie Noble’s cake shop, Sticky Fingers, is loved by all the residents of Wendleby except for Lavinia Crosse, who runs the village committee and is appalled by Sylvie’s range of suggestively named cupcakes. Sylvie knows what Lavinia really needs is a lesson in the pleasures of cake – and the opportunity to give in to all the passion she keeps hidden behind her tightly buttoned exterior…

masked desiresLet go from her sales job, Summer Kerrigan finds new employment at Eddie Quinn’s bar. When Eddie’s sister, Heather, turns up at the bar selling tickets for the fundraising Masquerade Ball, he claims Summer’s his new love. But if Heather’s going to buy the lie they’re really a couple, they have to attend the ball as a couple – and with passions high, they find themselves in bed. Can their sham love affair turn into the real thing, or is it all just a masquerade?

must love wolvesThe All Romance top ten best-seller

Neil Affleck’s peace is disturbed when he finds a young, half-naked man unconscious in the grounds of his cottage. Logan Grayling is an outcast from his pack, defeated in a fight for dominance by his brother Lennox, the new alpha wolf. Can Neil learn to trust this feral stranger, and what will happen when he learns that another wolf lives in this environment – a wolf who has a plan to make Neil his?

red hot reads new.jpgContains the story Snow Day

When Judy’s longed-for day at the spa is cancelled due to bad weather, she can hardly hide her disappointment. But things are about to take a turn for the better, as her husband, Gary, has some ideas for creating a spa experience of his own, offering some rather kinky ‘treatments’ that will heat up even the coldest day…

ridden hardJamie Desmond has lied about his ability to ride to land a film role, and now his lack of horsemanship has been exposed he’s scared he’ll be kicked off the set. Luckily, riding instructor Andrej is on hand to give him tuition – but dominant Andrej recognises Jamie’s latent need to submit, and his lessons are about to show Jamie what it means to be ridden hard…

someone else's skin 2013When Annie Harrison is hypnotised for an article she’s writing, she finds herself in the body of Jai Galloway, a 23rd-century eco activist who plans to go back in time and save the earth’s atmosphere from being destroyed. Loving what her new body can do, Annie is soon living two existences – one with her kinky musician boyfriend and one in the future, where she learns the tricks of sex as a man. But the more time she spends in Jai’s body, the more threat she faces of being trapped there forever…

stranded in paradise new Thrown out of a car with only his wallet and the clothes he stands up in, Alfie Crane staggers to the tiny town of Paradise, Nebraska. He is desperate for help, and is taken in by diner owner Ray Rendell, who’s looking for a new bus boy. Ray has always hidden his true sexuality, but he’s strongly attracted to the cute young Englishman. Romance begins to blossom between the two as Alfie settles in to the slow, easy pace of small-town life. But can they really find paradise together?

stud to goBen’s broke. The firm he’d been working for in Amsterdam has gone bust, and his employment options are limited, to say the least. But quite how has he found himself working for an escort service that makes him sound more like a takeaway pizza than a hot date? And what will he do when his feelings for his favourite client – urbane, successful photographer Jeroen Storm – go beyond a pure business arrangement?

summer of lust newHeartbroken Lily has gone to house sit for her friend Amanda on the Dorset coast hoping to both solve her writer’s block and get over Alex, her ex. What she isn’t expecting is for Amanda’s 21 year old son Ryan to show up with a summer fully of partying in mind. Surprise turns to lust, and Ryan makes it clear that she may be older but it makes him want her all the more. Can Lily stay away from her friend’s son? And what will happen when her ex makes a sudden reappearance?

taming of jessicaJessica accompanies her husband, Max, to Isla Barada – a playground for dominant men. It’s the ideal place to turn Jessica into the perfect submissive Max knows lies behind her wild exterior. Before long, she has experienced humiliation she never dreamed of, as she is made to submit not only to her husband, but to Jason Raynes, who has everything necessary to become her perfect dominant toy boy. Jessica fights her growing attraction to Jason, but can this wilful cougar ever be tamed?

All books are available from the publisher and/or retailers including Amazon and All Romance. The Romance Reviews


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