Undressing For Dinner

Here’s a Christmas treat for you – a story I originally wrote for the All Romance E-books newsletter, in the long-ago days when that was a thing. Enjoy!

I really don’t want to go tonight. If I had the choice, I’d take the much-needed opportunity to have a quiet evening in with Mark, just snuggled on the sofa watching a trashy film and eating popcorn. Work’s been so hectic recently, it’s been almost impossible for us to spend any quality time together. But instead, it’s the company’s annual dinner, attendance as good as compulsory if I want to keep on track for that promotion I’ve been working all year to achieve. With Mark by my side, supporting me every step of the way, of course.

Photo by Gary Bahra, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Stepping out of the bath, I wrap a towel around myself and walk into the bedroom to dress. Before I’m halfway across the room, I’m halted by the unexpectedly gorgeous sight awaiting me.

While I’ve been cooped up in the office, Mark’s been out running errands, the most important of which involved picking up the tuxedo he’s rented for the event. He’s been working from home for so long now, I can’t remember the last time I saw him in an ordinary suit, let alone the sleek, well-cut black number that adorns his long, lean frame. An air of quiet sophistication radiates from him; an aura that makes me think of secret agents and millionaire playboys. Maybe my mouth drops open for a moment as I gaze at the view he presents: thick, blond hair brushed back from his face to show off cheekbones a male model might envy and a chin that for once has been shaved clean of stubble. How have I managed to forget just how good-looking my husband is?

Desire bubbles in me; maybe not the most appropriate reaction when we’re supposed to be at the Mayweather Hotel for cocktails at eight, but I can’t help myself. A pulse beats between my legs, strong and insistent, and my pussy flushes with sticky heat. The ferocity with which I want him startles me, and I can’t help but act on it.

A woman possessed, I push Mark up against the wall, pressing my lips hard against his. Surprise flickers in his eyes, and I’m sure he’d ask what’s got into me, if only he wasn’t melting into the kiss, opening his mouth so my tongue can flicker inside. Beneath those smart dinner trousers, his cock is an all-too-obvious bulge, waiting to be freed. I don’t often take control in the bedroom, but his reaction proves how much he likes it when I do.

When we finally break the kiss, he’s torn between amusement and stating the obvious. “Hey, Nina, we’ve got a do to go to, you know.”

“I know, but it’s just you, in that suit. It – it does things to me.”

“What kind of things?” His tone is low, lascivious. Seems if I’m not bothered about the time, neither is he.

“It makes me wild – wicked.” I lick my lips, throat suddenly dry. “Makes me want to tie you to the bed and fuck you till you can’t stand it.” Where that last part came from I’m not entirely sure. It’s one of the fantasies I’ve kept hidden away, scared to voice for fear Mark might not like it. The look on his face, and the way he pulls me on to his suit-clad groin, letting me feel just how hard and excited he is, makes me wonder if I shouldn’t have shared it with him earlier.

“Oh, yeah?” His tone is cocky, like he’s taunting me in the hope I’ll turn my dirty words into actions.

“Yeah.” My cocktail dress is laid out alongside my underwear and a pair of silk stockings I’ve been saving for a formal occasion like tonight. With a shove, I propel Mark backward so he lands on the bed, pouncing on him before he has a chance to sit up. An inner wildcat I never knew I possessed has been unleashed, and again I’m kissing my husband with fierce hunger.

He reaches for the knot that holds my towel secure, trying to tug it open to reveal my naked body, but I slap his hand away. “You know what happens to naughty boys who try to peek,” I tell him, and with that I take one of the stockings, and wrap it round his wrist. He makes a token attempt to prevent me tying him to the bed rail, but we both want this far too much. The knot is an amateur effort, making it easy enough for him to wriggle free if he wanted, but he lies there like a good boy as I bind his other wrist in place.

“Now, let’s do something about these…” Unzipping his fly, I yank down his trousers, along with the tight black shorts that already bear a damp spot, more evidence of just how turned on he is. Freed from the clinging underwear, his cock points upward, almost inviting me to stroke it. The absolute picture of elegance above the waist and pure aroused male below, Mark waits for me to make my next move.

Straddling his thighs, I can feel the heat coming from him, smell the musk that is his alone. He jerks his hips, hoping I’ll get the hint and guide his length inside me, but I’m in charge now and I’ll decide when he gets his pleasure.

“Enjoying yourself, sweetheart?” I ask.

Mark just nods. His hazel eyes shine with lust and adoration as I gaze down on him, before unwrapping the towel and throwing it to the floor. My nipples are tight, ripe to the touch as I run a finger slowly over first one bud, then the other, feeling my pussy flutter in response.

“God, Nina, you look magnificent.” Those are the last words he utters before I start kissing him again, nibbling his lower lip and placing a hot trail of kisses along his throat. Our mouths are locked together as I guide him inside me, feeling his thick cock pushing up as far as it will go. I don’t move, don’t speak, just revel in the sensation of all that gloriously solid male flesh filling me to the limit.

It’s almost like the first time all over again, and once more I find myself wondering why we haven’t tried this before. Having Mark at my mercy is such a delicious thrill, and the next time we play this game I’ll make sure to tease him for as long as I can before he finally gets to fuck me. But that boring, formal dinner at the Mayweather is waiting, whether we like it or not, and so I start to shift up and down his length, rocking in a rhythm that compels him to buck his hips, trying to push himself even deeper into my hot, slick core. He tugs at his bonds, straining up to try and take a nipple in his mouth, but the stockings hold him fast, and that hint of frustration must be adding something to his pleasure. I know it’s doing the same for mine; I’m closer to the brink than simply having his cock in my pussy usually takes me, and when I drop a hand down to touch my clit, I’m lost. My breathing quickens, the tension coils in my belly, then breaks in a glorious, shattering explosion that has me calling out Mark’s name over and over, sobbing and telling him how much I love him. He comes seconds after me, the steady grip of my inner muscles milking every last drop from him.

It’s a wrench to pull myself off him, but it has to be done. We can’t stay here all night, much as we’d both like to. One last, lingering kiss, then I free Mark from his impromptu bondage.

Surveying my reflection in the dressing table mirror, I see that the hair I pinned in a careful chignon before I took my bath has come loose, dark strands tumbling around my flushed, satisfied face. And my stockings, when I examine them, are laddered, torn by the exertions of our lovemaking.

“I can’t wear these, they’re ruined.” I sigh.

Mark pauses in the act of doing up his fly. “Don’t worry about it. Your legs will look great without them.” He grins. “And don’t bother with any panties, either. We’ve played out one of your fantasies, and when we get to the hotel we’re going to play one of mine. It all starts when I reach under the tablecloth and start playing with your bare pussy…”

He doesn’t need to go any further. Looks like dinner might not be so boring, after all.


Happy Halloween!

Tonight’s the night when all the ghosts and ghouls come out to play, the trick-or-treaters knock on doors in the hope of collecting sweets and chocolate, and the rest of us curl up with a good spooky erotic romance. If you’re in the Amsterdam area, there may still be time to book yourself on the ghost tour offered at the Muiderslot castle, where you can explore the dark side of this amazing building. In an article in today’s edition of Dutch newspaper, Het Parool, the organiser of the event, Imre Besanger explains that the staff who close the castle up for the evening sometimes hear creaks, moans, and footsteps, and have to take care not to let their fantasies run away with themselves because otherwise they’d run away in fright.

I mention all this partly because the Muiderslot is the setting for my my mediaeval hot romance novella, One Knight In Muiden, where all the thrills are purely of the flesh and blood variety, and partly because if you follow this link, you get to see a fabulous shot of the castle lit up for a ghostly celebration. Have fun tonight, and don’t let anything put the willies up you!

I’ve Got The Oprah Seal Of Approval!

Well, I haven’t actually made it into the Oprah Book Club, but one of my stories is featured in DeAnna Jones’ article for O magazine online, 15 Best Erotic Short Stories for Women by Women. DeAnna has chosen Under The Table from The Big Book Of Orgasms, the tale of a couple who have some naughty fun over dessert, alongside stories from a fabulous selection of authors including Sommer Marsden, Cheyenne McCray, Kyra Davis and Tamsin Flowers. I’m truly honored to have hit the spot.

You can read the full article here. And as a treat for you, here’s my favourite Oprah moment, courtesy of much-missed clip show, The Soup.

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Book Review: Hard-Pressed by Queenie Black, Club Hard Book 1

Rose works as Lucien’s personal bodyguard, keeping him safe from dangerous situations and taking control of his life, but on her first visit to Club Hard, Lucien is determined to turn the tables. He sees Rose as his perfect submissive, and tonight he intends to show her what it’s like when he’s on top. But how will Rose cope when she’s so far out of her comfort zone?

Hard-Pressed is a quick, hot read, outlining in exquisite detail Rose’s first ever punishment session. Though part of her very much desires everything Lucien does to her, she’s fighting against her preconceived notion that submitting means being weak – something she needs to learn is not the case. Lucien, for his part, is a stern and slightly enigmatic master, but he cares very much for Rose, which becomes obvious as the evening progresses. From having to display herself in public to taking a spanking, Rose explores things that until now have been part of her fantasises, and which excite her more than she could have believed.

An unexpected twist raises the stakes and makes this more than a simple tale of Dom meets sub. This part of the story comes out of nowhere and could have been explored in more detail as it’s barely given room to breathe before it’s over, but overall this introduction to the world of Club Hard will leave readers wanting to know more about happens behind the club’s closed doors.

Hard-Pressed is published by Evernight Publishing and available from Amazon US and Amazon UK. I was given a copy of the book by Writer Marketing Services in return for an honest review.

Guest Interview – Rose Dainty From Queenie Black’s Hard-Pressed

My guest at the Naughty Corner today is Queenie Black, author of the sizzling-hot BDSM erotic romance, Hard-Pressed. She’s brought along Rose Dainty, the book’s heroine, who has plenty to spill about the delicious Dominant, Master Lucien, and much more. And she’s also offering you a chance to win an Amazon gift card in a Rafflecopter giveaway. Queenie, Rose, welcome!

Queenie: Hi Rose, thank you for taking the time to talk to me.

Rose: No worries. Call me Ro, please. Only Lucien calls me Rose.

Queenie: Oooops, sorry, Ro. I’m sure the readers would like to know more about you so do you mind if I ask you a few questions?

Ro: Not at all, as long as you don’t mind if I reserve the right not to answer. (She winks)

Queenie: What attracted you to Lucien in the beginning?

Ro: Hmmm. Let’s see. His sexy walk, his forearms, his chest…oh boy when you see him sparring or doing his martial arts work out, with the light gleam of sweat on those muscles…(she fans herself) what’s not attractive? Actually though it was his smile, and that he really saw me. The real me. The woman behind the muscles, and he liked what he saw.

Queenie: How much did you know about the BDSM lifestyle before you met Lucien?

Ro: Everyone’s read Fifty Shades, right? That’s what I knew. Working as Lucien’s bodyguard meant I learned a little bit more but not much. There were a couple of times when I had to protect him at Hard Pressed, but I didn’t stand at his side and watch him or anything. Mostly we stayed in the bar area. What I did see didn’t impress me very much, though, mainly because I didn’t understand it. But I have to admit secretly I did find it…entrancing and somewhat of a turn on, so I did quite a lot of research at home. (She goes a bit pink)

Queenie: What did you feel when Lucien challenged you to one night at Hard Pressed?

Ro: Torn. I hated the idea that he might be right about me, but I really wanted to understand what he found attractive about the lifestyle. So, on the one hand I was very resistant and on the other I wanted the experience.

Queenie: What did you learn?

Ro: Ha ha, you’ll have to read my story if you want the answer to that. Let’s just say it was…enlightening.

Queenie: With a name like Rose Dainty and looking…

Ro: the opposite of Dainty?

Queenie: …well, yes. How did that impact on you?

Ro: TLet’s just say that I was teased during my early teenage years. For a short while. But I was taller than most of my school mates and I gave as good as I got. It soon stopped.

Queenie: After you left school you joined the British military. Tell me some things the military taught you.

Ro: Teamwork, loyalty, self-sufficiency, and how to swear.

Queenie: Ah, yes, your swearing. That got you into some trouble with Lucien.

Ro: It gets me into trouble with everyone. Let’s not go there.

Queenie: Right. Oh…how about a quick-fire round?

Ro: Go for it.

Queenie: Coffee or tea?

Ro: Coffee with sugar and cream.

Queenie: Halloween or Christmas?

Ro: Christmas!

Queenie: Paddle or cane?

Ro: Paddle.

Queenie: Finally, we’ve talked about what first attracted you to Lucien. What keeps you with him?

Ro: Other than the great orgasms you mean? (She laughs) Quite simply, he’s my soulmate.


I mounted the six shallow steps and faced the double front doors. Twin carriage lights cast a soft gleam over the brass plaque with its discreet lettering:

Club Hard

Private Members Only

I desperately wanted to run back down the steps, leap into my car, and drive home, but if I did, nothing would change, and I’d go back to dividing my time between working out, Candy Crush Saga, and the occasional night out with my friends. I might miss out on learning something about myself, something that could make a difference in my sex life. Worse, I might miss a chance at love.

I stayed, my feet rooted to the floor, but the insides of my hands were so damp, my finger slipped on the brass bell, setting off a short, discordant jangling. I winced as I rang it again properly this time. That certainly wouldn’t endear me to anyone.

Shifting from foot to foot, trying to keep the blood circulating in my toes, I looked around. Behind me, the gravel drive snaked away to a discreet carpark, and trees and shrubs created shadows within shadows. Autumn had finally reached London and in this exclusive part of it, crisp, clean air and earthy leaf mulch replaced the smell of fast food and exhaust.

I shifted again, starting to get irritated. If you were going to demand a woman wear nothing but a skirt that barely covered her butt, and a top that was little more than a bit of elastic bandage—on me it was ridiculous, if I sneezed, I’d pop out over the top—then you should damn well open the door promptly. Now, despite wearing my warmest coat over the absurd ensemble, there was a distinct draught zipping under my hem and freezing my exposed butt cheeks.

I lifted my finger to stab the bell again, and the door swung open.

Bloody hell. A real butler. I was no stranger to mansions with staff. Working as a bodyguard meant I saw the inside of a lot of wealthy homes, but so far, a liveried butler was a new one to me.

“Can I help you?”

I cleared my throat, wondering if there was any etiquette for addressing a butler, aware that my finger was still lurking in the vicinity of his eye. “Umm, I’m, ah, it’s Ms. Dainty. To see Mr. Dufort. I’m expected.”

He waved me through into a large marble-floored hall with a fire burning at one side. A wide, elegant staircase at the back curved away to the upper floors.

“I’ll inform Mr. Dufort that you’re here, if you’d like to take a seat.” He indicated a collection of sofas and easy chairs huddled as if for warmth around the fireplace. I made a beeline for the heat.

“May I take your coat?”

I crossed my arms tightly. No way was I exposing my scantily clad self. “Ah, thanks, but I’m a bit cold.”

“I see my guest has arrived, Henry.”

I turned away from the fire to see Lucien Dufort crossing the hall toward me. The floor seemed to drop a few inches and I had to grab the back of a chair to steady myself as his delicious, rich chocolate voice with its faint French accent wound around me, setting my heart hammering.

A tall, elegant man, he moved toward me with predatory intent, covering the floor in loose, confident strides, but it was his eyes that held my gaze, dark eyes, sharp with intelligence and power. He wasn’t a handsome man. His narrow-bladed Gallic nose, inherited from his mother, was slightly overlarge for that, but his lips were sensual, and the mix of tenderness and lust in his expression as he looked at me sent electric tingles charging down my spine.

“Rose, welcome to Club Hard.” He lifted my hand and pressed a kiss to the back of it, his tongue flickering into the little hollow between my two smallest fingers, mimicking the act of sex. Normally, that would be an instant turn-off, but when Lucien did it, everything inside me melted. I tugged my hand free and shoved it into my coat pocket. This was bad. We hadn’t even started yet and my hormones were doing a happy dance.

“Your coat, ma petite.”

I undid the buttons reluctantly and he stripped it off my shoulders, giving it to Henry before indicating my feet. “Barefoot, please.”

I obeyed, steadying myself with one hand on Lucien’s forearm. I could have rested it there all day, enjoying the feel of thick bone and the flex of hard muscles, but I quickly unzipped my boots and gave them to Henry, who took them as solemnly as if I was handing him the crown jewels for safekeeping. He disappeared, taking my things with him, and I stood shivering, waiting for Lucien to say or do something. I shouldn’t have felt vulnerable. I fought with this amount of flesh on display, so it shouldn’t have bothered me, yet insecurity and apprehension crept hand-in-hand up my spine. “Lucien?”

He cupped my chin, his palm warm and sure, his thumb stroking my cheekbone in a gesture I found calming. “Tonight, you will address me as Monsieur, or Sir.” His words sank deep inside me, reaching a place I wasn’t aware existed. A place I didn’t want to believe existed. I stepped back, dislodging his hand.

Lucien’s cheek creased in amusement. “So, ma belle perle, the challenge begins. Are you ready?”

Buy links:

Amazon USA: https://amzn.to/2lXpCSP

Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/2kswibm

Evernight: https://www.evernightpublishing.com/hard-pressed-by-queenie-black/

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/958783

Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/gb/en/ebook/hard-pressed-18

iBooks: https://books.apple.com/gb/book/hard-pressed/id1480423303


Master Lucien has one night at Club Hard.

One night…to show bodyguard Rose Dainty that he can be the Dom she needs,

One night…to show her that submitting to him doesn’t make her weak, that true submission requires strength and trust.

Will pushing Rose to her limits prove to her she can trust him with her body and heart, and can she let go of her deepest fears long enough to enjoy her surrender?

They both have everything to prove and everything to lose.

Author bio:

I’ve always loved writing and I won my first prize for a short story when I was still at primary school. I’m an avid reader of romance and erotic romance and can usually be found with my nose in a book. The dynamics and sheer variety of human relationships fascinate me, and this is what I like to explore in my writing. I live in North Yorkshire with my husband and cat where I enjoy running and Tai Chi.

Social media links:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/queenieblackwr1

Website: http://www.queenieblackauthor.com/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/queenieblackauthor/


Queenie Black is offering one lucky reader a chance to win a £20/$25 Amazon gift card. To enter the competition, click here. Good luck!

This tour is organised by Writer Marketing Services. To check out the other dates on Queenie Black’s blog tour, click on the image below.


Summer Sale Ahoy!

Yes, the weather is stupidly sticky, Wimbledon is about to start, and England are doing well at the Women’s World Cup. As only two of those are good things, let’s round it up to three by announcing that it’s time for the Tirgearr Publishing Summer Sale!

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