Author Interview at Bookmusings And Myths Moons And Mayhem Giveaway

I’m being interviewed at Bookmusings, the literature arm of the Witches and Pagans website, today. I’m talking to Rebecca Buchanan about Careful What You Wish For, my story in the Myths Moons and Mayhem paranormal anthology.

To read the interview and find out more about love spells (or at least my version of a love spell), click here. And treat yourself to a copy of Myths Moons and Mayhem to read Rebecca’s fabulous story about magical goings-on at a sleepy university campus, The Secret Of The Golden Cup.

Meanwhile. the anthology’s editor, Dale Cameron Lowry, is running a prize giveaway to promote Myths, Moons And Mayhem. Click on the banner below to enter.


Moons, Myths And Mayhem Is Here

Another month, and another quality Sexy Little Pages anthology hits the shelves. Edited by the very talented Dale Cameron Lowry, Myths Moons And Mayhem is a collection of gay paranormal menage tales – and it’s as hot as you could hope for.

As you’d expect with a book of this type, the stories feature a wide range of supernatural and otherworldly creatures. It wouldn’t be a paranormal anthology without werewolves and vampires. Carl Redlum’s When The Big Moon Shines has a young, recently turned werewolf who finds a couple of fellow wolves to help him come to terms with his new appetites, while Morgan Elektra’s The Endless Knot contains the always entertaining combination of a werewolf, a vampire and a human, who share a horny Halloween encounter.

Elsewhere, Close Encounters Of The Three-way Kind is Rob Rosen’s X-rated take on an alien invasion, Celyn’s Tale by Rhidian Brinig Jones delves deep into Welsh folklore, Greg Kosebjorn’s Squatchin’ follows a couple of Bigfoot hunters who discover something they never expected while on their latest expedition and Clare London’s Inside Man is the story of a ghost who finds an unusual way to experience the pleasures of sex once more.

The remaining stories all feature magic users of one kind or another. In Rebecca Buchanan’s The Secret Of The Golden Cup, a college professor realises a hidden artefact he’s been itching to study has powers he could never have imagined, while Dale Cameron Lowry’s The Cave, set in Madagascar, features a team of lusty palaeontologists who have a whole raft of magic powers at their fingertips. My own contribution, Careful What You Wish For, is a revised version of a story first published by Dreamspinner, and tells what happens when a college student pining hopelessly for his roommate gets the opportunity to cast a love spell that will bring Mr Right to him.

If all that sounds like fiction to give you a thrill up the spine this Halloween, Myths, Moons and Mayhem is available from Amazon US, Amazon UK, and Kobo, and you can find out more about the book and leave your own review at Goodreads.

Symphony Amore Is Out Now

If you’ve ever listened to a tune that aroused your passions, or found yourself lusting after someone who knows how to get the best out of their musical instrument, then you’ll find plenty to enjoy in Symphony Amore: Erotic Stories of Love and Music. Edited by the very talented Jordan Monroe and published by Sexy Little Pages, this collection focuses on the sex appeal of music and musicians. Jordan has deliberately chosen stories that don’t feature well-worn scenarios like rock star and groupie – instead, most of the storylines revolve around the world of classical music, though the talented individual at the heart of Rebecca Chase’s Beautiful Destruction is a DJ, and her instrument of choice is the turntable.

In these pages, you’ll find violinists (the mystery musician in my own contribution, Verlagan, included), cellists, pianists and saxophone players. The brass trio in Jordan Monroe’s story of the same name explore all the ways they can they play together, while a conductor who’s going through a crisis of confidence rediscovers her abilities at the hands of a skilled dominatrix in Nanisi Barrett D’Arnuk’s Her Fall From Power. However, the most unusual style of music is that in Rosalia Zizzo’s Rhythm Of The Dishwasher, in which her heroine weaves a very raunchy fantasy inspired by the sound of the dishwasher going through its cycle.

Making sweet music is what this book is about, and you can pick up a copy from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes and Kobo. Play on!

I’m On Jordan Monroe’s Blog Today…

…talking about Verlangen, my story in the Sexy Little Pages anthology, Symphony Amore, which is released on September 19th . The book contains nine short stories that revolve around music, and if you want to know how a mystery violinist provided me with all the inspiration I needed, you can read the interview here.

Sensory Limits Is The Totally Bound Editor’s Choice

The Sensory Limits BDSM anthology is now available as an early download from Totally Bound, and it’s been picked as this week’s Editor’s Choice by the team at TB headquarters. So what makes this antho special? Well, contains six fabulous stories that all explore the role of sensation play in BDSM sex, so expect the use of everything from ice (as featured in my contribution the collection, Cruise Control) to hot wax, and submissives who crave the touch of a master who knows how to make their bodies sing…

As well as Cruise Control, the anthology features stories by Ashe Barker, Wendi Zwaduk, Tori Carson, Zoe Mullins and Fara Allegro. You can find out more, and read an extract from the book, here. Hopefully it’ll make you want to choose Sensory Limits, too.

Ooh, Castles!

Photo by Zairon, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


This might look like something from a fairytale, but it’s a real place – Muiderslot, or Muiden Castle in the Netherlands. Originally built as a way of controlling travel on the trade route through the country to Utrecht (everyone who passed by the castle had to pay a toll for the privilege) it’s now a tourist attraction that’s on my list of places to visit if I can ever drag myself away from the many great bars and fascinating museums of Amsterdam.

This gorgeous view of it, together with the hot and handsome knights and the lady in waiting below (bonus points for spotting Heath Ledger among the selection…), is part of my storyboarding process for one of my WIPs. Mediaeval romance and courtly love, anyone?

Book Review: Hiding In Plain Sight By Lucy Felthouse

Mallory Scott works for a covert intelligence agency, infiltrating her way into criminal gangs or getting close to those who want to sell government secrets. She’s good at her job, mostly because she’s prepared to do whatever it takes to bring the bad guys to justice. If that means setting up a honey trap and sleeping with them, well, that’s all in a day’s work. However, the one thing she’s never counted on is falling for the enemy, but when an operation to prevent a huge diamond heist in Amsterdam brings her into contact with handsome and charismatic thief Baxter Collinson does just that, everything changes for Mallory. She needs to keep things on a professional basis, but will her growing attraction to Baxter make that impossible?

Hiding In Plain Sight begins as a straightforward cat-and-mouse chase as Mallory works to foil the diamond thieves, but spins off in an interesting direction from the original premise. To reveal any more would be to spoil the surprise, but let’s just say that rounding up the gang doesn’t necessarily signal the end of Mallory and Baxter’s story.

The couple have plenty of chemistry from their initial meeting, and the sex they enjoy is just you’d expect from a Lucy Felthouse novel – sizzling hot but cute and playful. And when a box of luxury chocolates is incorporated into Mallory and Baxter’s sex play, things take a lusciously sensual turn.

Of course, the test of any erotic thriller is whether it would work without the sex scenes, and in the case of Hiding In Plain sight, the answer is yes. There’s enough technical jargon to make the work of the agency seem believable, without weighing down the plot, and an edge of tension to remind you how much is at stake for Mallory and her team. She is always conscious of the choices she has to make to protect her own security and that of her colleagues, which becomes doubly difficult when she’s in danger of blurring the lines between work and pleasure. Only a scene at the start of the story, where Mallory has a one-night stand with a hotel waiter, feels a little like a gratuitous effort to up the sex content of the book. Overall, though, Hiding In Plain Sight is a fun read that leaves you hoping for more adventures featuring this sexy spycatcher.

Hiding In Plain Sight is available from Amazon and Smashwords. Find out more about the book on Goodreads.

I received a copy of the book from Lucy in return for an honest review.