Cougar Growls Blog Tour – Day Three

Today, I welcome Catherine Chernow to the (Really) Naughty Corner. She’s the author of Total-e-bound’s Diary Of A Mad Escort, and she lives and writes on Long Island’s ‘Gold Coast’. Take it away, Catherine.

From a Cub’s Point of View…

Jake Conroy stopped by to chat recently.  He’s the handsome, drop-dead sexy, hero from Lucky In Love, my story in the  Cougars And Cubs erotic romance anthology, available for sale from Total-e-bound Publishing beginning May 10th

Jake’s an alpha male, the kind of hero I adore writing about.  He fits the ‘alpha male’ profile, where a guy’s got to be strong, sexy, smart, protective and focused solely on the heroine.  While Jake’s all of that, he’s got a little twist to his character, because he’s younger than Maddie Summers, the heroine.

I’m not surprised Jake’s got what it takes to go after his heart’s desire, but I wanted to see things from his point of view as a younger male hero. 

While we chatted together (lucky me!), Jake gave some candid answers to my very personal questions…

Q:  Jake, what did you think when you first saw Maddie?

A:  I felt sucker-punched, right in the gut.  Maddie is different from the type of woman I’m used to.

He sits back, stretching his long legs out in front of him.  On the surface, Jake is relaxed, composed, but I sense a coiled tension in him, like anticipation.  Maybe its because he can’t wait to see his Madz again. 

Q:  In what way?  I mean, what kind of woman have you been with so far?

A:  A woman who is my age. 

A corner of Jake’s sensual mouth lifts.  He gives me one of his killer smiles.  No wonder Maddie is wild about him! 

Q:  So, you usually date or have relationships with women your age.  How old are you?

A:  Thirty-five.


Q:  And Maddie is how old?

 He leans forward, resting his tanned, muscular arms on the table in front of him.  Reaching for his coffee mug, he sips slowly.  Watching the play of muscles in his  gorgeous forearms and seeing how the corded muscles on his neck contract when he drinks that coffee, I now understand Maddie’s attraction for him. 

Then, he answers…

A:  Maddie is fabulously fifty.

Now, it’s my turn to smile.  Wow, he’s got it bad for her. 

Q:  Why fabulous?

A:  She’s more mature than the women I’m used to…

I roll my eyes.   

Q:  That’s a given, considering her age. 

A:  I’m talking about what’s in here.

Jake lifts his large hand.  Using his palm, he pats his heart. 

Q:  You mean something else entirely?

A:  Correct.  She’s got more inside her, more depth of character, simply because she’s experienced more.

Q:  Like what, for instance?

A:  Life’s ups and downs.  She’s had to learn to roll with lots of stuff, things that make you stronger.

Q:  And younger women, or women your age, don’t?

A:  Maybe because the women I’ve know who are my age are totally focused on themselves and what they want.

Q:  You can’t blame age for that entirely, maybe it’s the person.

He gets a thoughtful look on his face, like he’s remembering something painful, for his face is drawn in tight lines.

A:  All I know is, Maddie is patient and kind – she’s forgiving, too.  I’m always in a hurry, striving to get to the next goal, the next part of my life.  Maddie’s there already.  It’s like she balances me. 

Q:  That’s what you sought then, balance in your life?

Again, he appears thoughtful.

A:  I can’t say it’s what I went looking for.  When I moved from California to Long Island, I left behind some painful memories.  I sought change.

His grin widens.  He continues his answer…

…and it came in the form of Maddie.

Okay, so now I’m dying to know…

Q:  So how is making love with an older woman?

His smile turns rueful.

A:  I never kiss and tell.


I pinch my thumb and index finger together, lifting them both in the air…

Q:  Just a little hint, maybe?  Please?

His voice drops an octave.  It sounds positively sexy and wicked.

A:  I can tell you that it gave me great pleasure to give Maddie everything she wants in bed, no matter how kinky.

Okay, so now my entire body is flushed…

Q:  Great!  Now I need a cold shower.

He chuckles.  The sound is warm and rich, like smooth honey poured from a jar. 

A:  Ah.  Yes.  The shower.  My favorite place to make love with my Madz.

I close my notepad because I suddenly can’t write.  My fingers are shaking.

He’s grinning again.  The wretch!  No wonder Maddie is head over heels about Jake.

But I wonder, can they truly make it work with the difference in their ages? 

Q:  Do you think society accepts your relationship?

A:  You’ll have to read Lucky In Love to find out.

Q:  Maddie is one lucky lady.

A:  I’m the lucky one. 

After Jake left, I was in a great mood for the rest of the day.  I hope he and Maddie can make a go of it.  Read my story, Lucky In Love, to find out, and all the other super hot stories in Total-e-bound’s Cougar And Cub Anthology.  You’ll find them all right here

The Cougars Are Coming!

To celebrate the release of Total-e-bound’s Cougars And Cubs anthology on May 10th – and generate plenty of discussion about hot young men – the Cougar Growls Blog Tour is hitting the Net. It features all the authors whose stories are in the anthology, and you’ll be able to find us on the following blogs on the following days:

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