Cariad Cover Reveal

Getting a sneaky peek of a new cover is always fun. I’ve just received the images of the titles of mine which are getting a makeover as part of the new Xcite Cariad romance imprint, and loved them so much – particularly the gorgeous new look for Christmas Rendezvous – that I had to share them. Hope you like them too…

masked desires cariad

crossing the line cariad

cooking up trouble cariad

christmas rendezvous cariad


Enjoy A Christmas Rendezvous For Blissemas

The very lovely Victoria Blisse is celebrating the festive season with a kiss. Yes, it’s Blissemas 2013, and erotic authors are marking the occasion with a Christmas-themed kiss. Now, Victoria encouraged us to be as creative as we liked with the extracts and the lips that meet as part of them, so here’s a scene from my Xcite novella, Christmas Rendezvous, in which heroine Juliette and Laurens, the owner of the Bruges bed and breakfast establishment where she’s unexpectedly spending Christmas have some very adult fun on the stairs of the B and B. Enjoy!

christmas rendezvousWe only made it halfway before the urge to go further overtook Laurens once more. He guided me down so I was sitting on one of the stairs, then he knelt below me, and spread my legs as wide as they would go. The assured feel of his hands against my soft flesh almost took my breath away. It wasn’t the most dignified pose I’d ever found myself in, but my heart pounded wildly and I stripped off my T-shirt, so Laurens could enjoy the sight of me in just my bra. He traced a thumb over the taut nubs of my nipples, all too visible beneath the beige cotton. They peaked even further, in response to his teasing touch, and I let out a needy moan.

‘You want this, don’t you?’ Laurens chuckled, amused by my obvious state of readiness.

All I could do was nod as he traced a finger over my pussy. I didn’t want to let him know how long it had been since a man had last had me in this hot and bothered state. I braced myself, pressing the heels of my palms against the step as Laurens lowered his head. As his breath huffed against my opening, I squirmed, wanting to push my hips up towards him but knowing that wasn’t an option in this position.

His tongue slithered over my splayed sex lips, and I gripped the carpeted lip of the step, fierce delight shivering through me. Again and again he repeated the motion, licking me from my clit to my furled rosebud. The sensation of his tongue brushing over my rear hole was the naughtiest thing I’d ever experienced, and I wondered whether he’d dare to actually push his tongue-tip inside. Dale had never wanted to play with me there, and until now I’d never realised just how good it could feel.

‘Yes, yes,’ I kept babbling, as Laurens began to concentrate solely on my clit, lapping at it with rapid, flickering strokes. A wave of tension was beginning to build low in my belly, created by the pressure of that supple, sinuous tongue. Lost in bliss, I palmed and squeezed my own breasts, adding another level of sensation to that which already threatened to take me over the edge.

‘Don’t stop,’ I begged, even though he seemed to have no intention of pulling away this time. I gripped his head with my thighs, aware of the slight prickle of his stubble against my soft skin as I kept him where I needed him most. My pleasure crested and I yelled out. Only when the last slow wave had rolled through my body did I release my hold on Laurens. He looked up at me, his lips and cheeks glossy with my juices.

‘Good?’ he asked.

‘Mm-hm. But I think it’s your turn now.’

If you want to find out how much hotter Juliette and Laurens’ Christmas gets, you can find Christmas Rendezvous at Xcite and Amazon. And you can enjoy the full magnificence of Blissemas and find out about the prizes Victoria is giving away here.

Get Your Skates On!

I know it was only a few days ago that we were enjoying what the papers like to call an Indian summer (but is really the last couple of days when you can go out without your thick cardie and tights). But now there are fewer than 100 shopping days to Christmas, and it’s the time of year when thoughts turn to seasonal fiction where a hot man waits to be unwrapped along with the Christmas present.

All of which is a way of saying that I have the cover for my Xcite Romance novella, Christmas Rendezvous, and here it is:

christmas rendezvous

The story is set in Bruges, one of my favourite cities, and home to a famous Christmas market, which you may remember from the climax of In Bruges (and if you’ve never seen that film, why not?). Here’s the blurb:

When Juliette Milner is invited to spend Christmas in Bruges with her ex-boyfriend, Dale, she thinks an old flame is about to be rekindled. But Dale’s invitation isn’t all it seems, and Juliette finds herself stranded alone in this beautiful city. A chance conversation with a friendly barman leads her to the bed and breakfast run by his brother, Laurens, who has a room free thanks to a last-minute cancellation. And as she finds herself growing closer to Laurens on a sightseeing tour, Juliette realises she might enjoy a special Christmas rendezvous after all …

In this extract, Juliette is on the train from Brussels, thinking about Dale’s invitation, and wondering what his motives might be for inviting her to his new home for Christmas:

Turning to look out of the window, I stared through snow-spattered glass at the flat, unremarkable fields beyond. Already, snow was softening the outlines of trees and fields, and beginning to lie on the roofs of barns and outbuildings. Here and there, the odd cluster of buildings with a squat stone church at their centre passed for a village, breaking up the monotony of the landscape. The roads were all but deserted, and I wondered whether the bad weather was keeping people at home, or whether this particular part of the country, dominated by farmland, was always this quiet.

Still, at least Bruges should be livelier, if what Dale had told me about the city coming into its own at Christmas was anything to go by. Again, I found my mind drifting back to the shock I’d had when his email had popped into my inbox, asking me to spend the festive season with him.

In truth, he’d never been too far from my thoughts since we’d split up, almost 18 months ago. It was hardly surprising: the two of us had unfinished business, after all. Our time together had never properly run its course: Dale had been offered a promotion which was too good for him to turn down, but it meant moving to the company’s satellite office in Bruges. We’d decided to make a clean break, having both known friends who’d tried to sustain a long-distance relationship and failed miserably.

Sometimes, I wondered if I should have gone with him to Belgium so we could have made a life there, but I was happy with my work and my little flat and my small but loyal group of friends. Much as I loved him, I hadn’t wanted to give all that up and move to a country where I had no solid job prospects and didn’t speak the local language. At first, I missed him like mad, but over time that had faded to nothing more than moments when I wondered what it would be like to be in his arms right then, and whether he still missed me too, just a little bit.

But maybe the problem was I hadn’t loved Dale enough. If I’d been really, truly, can’t-live-without-you in love with him, I’d have said goodbye to my old life in England and done whatever it took to make things work out between us in Bruges. No, that would have just been too risky, I told myself: the kind of crazy, over-the-top gesture characters make at the end of a romantic comedy. You never get to see what happens after the credits roll, and whether their happy ever after eventually turns to disaster.

What will happen when Juliette finally reunites with Dale? How does a handsome B and B owner rescue her from potential disaster? And, most importantly, where do the ice skates fit in? The book is available to pre-order from Amazon, so slide on over there to find out more…