Sunday Snog – Looking After Liam

all night longHere’s a snog from the archives. Looking After Liam comes from Xcite’s All Night Long anthology, and is one for those who like fem dom tales. Liam is Marina’s dream submissive – she sees the willing slave hiding beneath his brash, arrogant exterior, but her friends remain to be convinced until Marina engages Liam in a rigged game of strip poker where she holds all the cards…

‘Oh, dear, Liam,’ Claire said as the cards went against him yet again. ‘That means a forfeit for you, and I think Zoe would like it if you gave her a kiss.’

Slowly, Liam leaned over, pushed Zoe’s tousled curls out of her eyes and kissed her gently on the lips. She opened her mouth, drawing him deeper into the kiss, pressing her body against his and snaking out a hand to catch hold of his bobbing cock. He groaned and reached to cup one of her tits, but with a supreme effort she pulled away.

‘That’s quite enough of that,’ she managed to whisper, and reached for the cards.

Liam managed to escape for the next couple of rounds; by this time, both Claire and I had lost our bras. When I’d taken mine off, slipping the straps from my shoulder and managing to conceal my breasts till the very last second, I had seen Liam practically licking his lips.

When he lost again, it was my turn to choose the forfeit. I toyed with the possibilities: tying a pink ribbon round his cock and writing the word ‘SISSY’ in lipstick above it; taking him outside and making him run round the front garden naked; using my favourite vibrator to play with his arsehole till he came. They were all so delicious, so perfectly in keeping with my desire to subjugate him, and yet none of them would give us as much pleasure as the game I had actually had in mind.

To find out what Liam’s forfeit entails, pick up a copy of All Night Long, which also includes stories by Charlotte Stein, Chrissie Bentley, Kay Jaybee and Giselle Renarde among others. And don’t forget to visit Blissekiss for more sizzling Sunday Snogs…


Fancy A Free Cocktale?

If so, then pay a visit to the iTunes store, where the Xcite short story collection, Cocktales Vol 1, is available for free till August 31st. As well as my ménage tale, Two Girls One Cop, you’ll also find stories by the talented line-up of Justine Elyot, Sylvia Lowry, Eva Hore, Shashauna P. Thomas, KD Grace, Sommer Marsden and J. Smith.

To pick up your copy, click on the cover below go to iTunes. Then sit back and enjoy some truly delicious Cocktales.

cocktales vol 1

Sunday Quickie

Here’s a little slice of fem dom to guide you through what’s left of your Sunday, or ease your post-Eurovision hangover…

Looking After Liam comes from the Xcite Cocktales anthology All Night Long. Marina is convinced that beneath the brash, arrogant surface of her old school friend Liam lies the perfect submissive – he just hasn’t realised it yet. She hatches a plan which she’s sure will see him end the night grovelling happily at her feet, and

We arranged ourselves at the table so that Liam was sitting between Zoe and Claire. As we talked, I watched his eyes darting from Zoe’s perfect profile to Claire’s full lips, shining wetly with a layer of pink gloss. I couldn’t help but notice, though, that he was having trouble keeping his gaze away from my cleavage, which was even more prominent than usual thanks to the push-up bra I was wearing. ‘Staring is disrespectful,’ I wanted to tell him. ‘A good slave keeps his eyes cast down, and only looks at his mistress’ beauty when commanded.’ But we weren’t mistress and slave, not yet. We were just two people who had known each other for a long time but never been anything more than acquaintances. If that was ever to change, it would be tonight.

So what can three lusty women do to make a man worship them in the most delightful ways? Find out by picking up a copy of All Night Long, which also includes stories from a fine selection of authors including Giselle Renarde, Charlotte Stein, Kay Jaybee and Chrissie Bentley. It’s available from the Xcite bookstore, and it’s definitely worth douze points!

Sunday Quickie

If you’re craving a touch of spiciness this Sunday and there’s no chance of downing a well-made Bloody Mary, here’s an alternative for you. A teasing little extract from While The Catts Are Away…, my story in Temptation, from the Xcite Books Cocktales range.

To set the scene, Graham and Rhona Catt have been thwarted in their attempt to spend the weekend with Rhona’s sister and brother-in-law. Returning home, they hear what sounds like a party taking place at the home of their neighbours, the Marriotts. Curious, Rhona peeks over the boundary fence to find out what’s happening. Now read on…

I don‘t know quite what I was expecting to see as I looked over the fence, but it certainly wasn’t the sight that greeted me. Cindy was lying on a sun lounger, wearing a shiny silver swimsuit which had been pulled down low at the front to reveal her big, freckly breasts. The gusset of the swimsuit was similarly pulled aside, and a man was crouching between her legs, licking her pussy. That man was not her husband. Instead, I recognised the greying head and bulky build of Nick Finlay, the builder who lived in a bungalow on the corner of the cul-de-sac. He was the man who had put up our conservatory, for goodness’ sake. For a moment, I thought I had discovered a terrible secret: that Cindy was having an affair behind her husband’s back. Then I heard giggling and splashing, and saw Carl Marriott in the swimming pool. Not only was he avidly watching his wife being pleasured by Nick, he was fondling the bare tits of Shelley Walker from number seven as he did.

Is this really a suburban swing party taking place? And if it is, why haven’t the Catts been invited? If you want to find out more, Temptation is available as an e-book from Xcite Books, and as it also contains stories by Sommer Marsden, Giselle Renarde, Terri Pray and Michael Hemmingson among others, you know there’ll be plenty in it to tempt you!