Sunday Snog – Crossing The Line

crossing the line cariadYes, it’s Sunday Snog time at Blissekiss, and here’s a kiss from my Cariad Single story, Crossing the Line. Ellie and Jason are having issues relating to their adjoining properties, but in the bedroom, they may be able to reach a harmonious accord…

I leant over and kissed him on the mouth, softly at first and then more insistently. I thought he might pull away for a moment, but then he responded, his lips opening to allow my tongue to push between them. He took my face between his hands, as though trying to learn its contours, and I twined my fingers in his hair. He smelled of the sweat caused by a hard day’s work, underlaid with an almost feral male aroma; it was a potent mix, and I almost ripped his T-shirt in my haste to pull it off him so I could lick his chest and beautifully flat stomach.

‘Hey, slow down,’ he said with a laugh, though he made no move to stop me as I reached for his belt buckle. I didn’t pay any attention. I wanted him naked. I needed to know how close his cock  came to the monster I had created in my fantasies.

Jason, unequal to the fight, lay back and let me strip him. I pulled down his jeans to discover he wore no underwear beneath them. His cock was beginning to stir, and I took hold of it and stroked up and down its length. As it hardened, I realised it was much the same size as Pete’s had been, and had a slight bend to the right. Not the stuff of fantasy, perhaps, but so much nicer for being real, solid flesh and so easily aroused by my touch. My pussy clenched with the anticipation of feeling it inside me. Slithering down his body, I took the tip between my lips and sucked.

‘Mmm, that feels so nice,’ Jason murmured. I glanced up from between his legs to see that his eyes were closed and he was sprawled back against the cushions, clearly loving what I was doing to him. Encouraged, I went to work on him, swirling my tongue around and over the head, then kissing all the way down his shaft. His balls were tight in their wrinkled sacs, and I gave those a little kiss, too. Using a combination of my hand and mouth, I took him right to the brink, then pulled back.

The action continues in Crossing The Line, available from Xcite and Amazon, and there are lots more hot kisses to enjoy over at the Sunday Snog.


Cariad Cover Reveal

Getting a sneaky peek of a new cover is always fun. I’ve just received the images of the titles of mine which are getting a makeover as part of the new Xcite Cariad romance imprint, and loved them so much – particularly the gorgeous new look for Christmas Rendezvous – that I had to share them. Hope you like them too…

masked desires cariad

crossing the line cariad

cooking up trouble cariad

christmas rendezvous cariad


Wet Man Alert!

I love getting a nice cover image, and this one, for my new Xcite release, Crossing The Line, is very nice.

Crossing The Line is the story of romantic novelist Ellie, who moves to an isolated cottage the Isle of Man in search of peace and quiet so she can write her new book (and with the weekly bin collection taking place outside, complete with attendant banging and crashing, even as I type this, you can tell it’s a concept that’s close to my heart!). What she hasn’t counted on is acquiring a neighbour, Jason, who’s renovating the cottage next door. The couple immediately get off on the wrong foot, but their relationship begins to change as both realise they have a view into the neighbouring property that lets them see each other at unguarded moments, like when Jason is having an impromptu shower with the garden hose (see, nothing gratuitous about that wet man on the cover after all!). But when Jason decides to draw the line after one extremely passionate encounter, should Ellie cross it?

The story is published tomorrow, but you can pre-order it from the new and improved Xcite website, and if you use the special Wicked Wednesday code, you can get this – and all Xcite titles – at 25 per cent off. Just enter the code WICKWED0703 at the checkout, but hurry, as the code is only valid today, and you wouldn’t want to miss out, would you?