Leprechaun Blog Tour Day 5

The blog tour is almost at an end, and it’s been a lot of fun. Today I’m at My Reading Nook, interviewing Devon Payne from the Leprechaun Next Door. He’s got plenty to say about life with a leprechaun and how it feels to be granted three wishes, and you can read it all here.

Devon Meets A Leprechaun

To mark St Patrick’s Day, and the beautiful rainbow over the New York Stadium in Rotherham yesterday, which may very well have had a pot of gold at the end of it, here’s a short excerpt from The Leprechaun Next Door. It’s the moment when Devon finds out about his new friend Johnny’s true nature:

“Johnny, I’m not so sure this is a good idea.”

“No, it’s the best idea.” He produced two shot glasses and put them and the bottle on the table. He sat on the couch next to Devon so that he could unscrew the bottle cap and pour each of them a shot. “Down in one, okay?”

Devon followed Johnny’s lead, swallowing the poteen in one big gulp. It burned a noxious, fiery trail down his throat, and he shuddered.

“Better already, I’ll bet.” Johnny poured another round. This time he raised his glass in a toast. “To making new friends.”

“New friends,” Devon echoed, the second shot going down a little more smoothly than the first.

Johnny turned to look at him. “You’ve told me all about losing your job and your asshole boyfriend, so while we’re trading life stories and secrets, let me share mine with you. But you need to come a little closer first.” He patted the couch beside him. Devon wondered if this was some kind of come-on, but he still shuffled up to sit next to Johnny, so close that their thighs pressed together. The heat of Johnny’s skin was obvious even through the two layers of denim between them. Johnny lowered his voice until it was little more than a whisper. “I’m a leprechaun.”

Devon snorted. “Right. Now I know I’ve had too much to drink.”

“I’m telling you the truth.” Johnny fixed him with his dazzling green gaze, the look in his eyes one of utter sincerity.

“Oh, come on. I’ve seen those guys on the cereal packets, and you look nothing like them.”

“That’s a cruel and unfair stereotype, peddled by a world that hates us and wants to steal our treasure.”

“Yeah, yeah, very funny.” Devon tried to rise from his seat, wobbled, clutched the arm of the chair, and sat down again. Man, that poteen stuff has really gone to my head. Who’d have thought something made from potatoes could be so lethal? “But you can’t be a leprechaun. I mean, they’re, like, this high.” He lifted a hand, indicating a spot about three feet off the ground. “And they’re loud and belligerent. They’re definitely not—” He stopped himself before he said hot.

“If we want to live among humans, we have to blend in. Take on their form.” It sounded so reasonable when Johnny said it. As Devon gazed at him he had to admit if that was the case, Johnny had chosen the cutest form he could have found.

To read more, pick up a copy of The Leprechaun Next Door from Dreamspinner or Amazon.

Leprechaun Blog Tour – Day 1

I’ve embarked on a blog tour for my Dreamspinner MM urban fantasy novel, The Leprechaun Next Door, which is released on March 19th. Today, I’m at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words, being interviewed about creating characters, stories that need to be put aside for a while to make them work, and more. I had great fun answering the questions, and you can find the interview here. Come back over the next few days and I’ll let you know where else I’m appearing…

Cover Reveal: The Leprechaun Next Door

Love Bytes, the LGBTQ reviews site, is hosting an exclusive cover reveal today for my upcoming novel The Leprechaun Next Door. Published by Dreamspinner, it’s an MM paranormal romance which asks what would happen if a cute leprechaun offered you three wishes. Would you use them wisely, or would things somehow get out of control despite your best intentions? You’ll be able to find out more when the book is released in March, but to see the cover (which I love) and enter a Rafflecopter contest to win a book from the Dreamspinner catalogue, go to Love Bytes now!

It’s Advent Calendar Time!

Yes, December has rolled around again already, and that means it’s time for Dreamspinner’s annual Advent Calendar release. This year’s collection is titled Stocking Stuffers, and you have the choice of subscribing to the whole calendar, which means a story delivered to you every day between now and Christmas, or you can buy the stories individually. The best part of getting the whole set is that you don’t know the order in which you’ll receive them, so every morning there’s a saucy surprise in your inbox. You can find out more about the calendar here.

My contribution is titled Candy Canes and Cappuccinos, and it’s the story of coffee shop owner Kyle, who’s smitten with regular customer Steven. Without meaning to, Kyle gives the impression that he doesn’t care about the work Steven does to help the less fortunate over the festive season. When he gets the chance to put that right, and ensure a happy Christmas not only for himself and Steven, but for those in the town’s homeless shelter, will he take it?

Find out more about Candy Canes and Cappuccinos by clicking on the book cover below. But first, take a moment to admire the gorgeous artwork produced by Dreamspinner cover artist extraordinaire Paul Richmond. I just love Santa’s facial expression!

Dreamspinner Sale

To celebrate this year’s RT Booklovers Convention, Dreamspinner are having a store-wide sale. From now until May 7th, all titles have a huge 30 per cent off. So if you fancy reading my time-bending short story A Man Out Of Time,  the shifter short Alpaca Lies, May to December romance in Piano Man or the hot celebrity anthology Starstruck, click on the banner below to go to the Dreamspinner store and start shopping…

Dreamspinner Family and Friends Sale

Dreamspinner Press are throwing a sale to celebrate the F-words – Fun and Friends – and everything in their bookstore is 30% off. So now might be a good time to pick up the Starstruck anthology, a collection of tales about celebrities and their efforts to find love in a world where they’re wanted for how famous they are and not what they do. The book features my story, Out on Stage, set in a provincial English theatre. Here’s the blurb for the story.

Stewart has never let his multiple sclerosis stand in the way of his passion. As the artistic director of the Harlequin Theater, Stewart has doubts when soap star Bradley East is hired for their latest production. He’s impressed by Bradley’s talent, and stunned by the attraction developing between them. Not that there’s much chance of a relationship, with Bradley firmly in the closet and planning to stay there. But Bradley is full of surprises….

The book also contains stories by a fantastic selection of authors including L.A. Merrill, M.T. Aspen, Bell Ellis, Rob Rosen and Jay Starre, and if you like stories about rock musicians, rodeo riders, superheroes and movie stars, you’ll find something to enjoy.

The sale runs until November 13th and, of course, there are plenty of other great MM romance books available from Dreamspinner, so click on the banner below to go straight to the Dreamspinner bookstore and start browsing.


Dreamspinner Is Nine Years Old!

Doesn’t time fly when you’re enjoying reading (and/or writing) LGBTQ fiction? Dreamspinner Press is celebrating its ninth birthday, and that means 35% off books by authors who joined their roster in years four and five of their existence – including my good self. Click on this banner to go to the Dreamspinner bookstore, where you’ll find details of all the titles on special offer:


Alternatively, click on this banner and go straight to my Dreamspinner author page. Happy bargain hunting!


There’s A Sale On At Dreamspinner…

…and between now and 31st July, you can pick up loads of great male/male romance titles for just $1, while there’s 25 per cent off every other title in their bookstore. That includes my time-travelling love story, A Man Out Of Time, and my May/December tale from this year’s Daily Dose anthology, Piano Man. At these prices, it would be a shame not to treat yourself!

Sunday Snog – Piano Man

NeverTooLateFSHere’s a short but hot scene from my Dreamspinner m/m novella, Piano Man, which features a spot of kissing as it’s Sunday Snog time. Graham, the main character and a man who believes love has passed him by, is having a very filthy fantasy about the pianist he’s recently employed for his new bar, Adam…

Closing his eyes, he pictured himself at the Midnight Lounge on its opening night. Couples, Mike and Judy among them, swayed on the dance floor. Groups of friends chatted over drinks and platters of food. The barman poured expertly mixed cosmopolitans into frosted glasses. And underpinning all of this was the slow, beautiful tune Adam had played for him at his audition.

His thoughts drifted and now he saw himself and Adam sitting on the sofa in his living room. They were both half undressed, Adam shirtless and revealing a chest still bearing the remnants of the tan he’d picked up on board his cruise ship. Graham imagined himself planting a slow trail of kisses down Adam’s torso, all the way to the waistband of his trousers. Adam’s cock was a solid bulge, pressing against the dark fabric. Graham would pull down Adam’s zipper and reach in to pull his erection free from his underwear. Then he’d kiss that too, licking up the drops of precum glistening at his tip…

Overcome by the fantasy he’d woven, Graham unbelted his robe. He sprawled his limbs, letting his head loll against the back of his easy chair. Grasping his dick at the base, he started to stroke along its length, the juice that had formed at its crown easing his movements.

He couldn’t recall the last time he’d played with himself. His libido had shriveled to nothing after Scott left him, but now, spurred on by thoughts of the gorgeous pianist, he was filled with the need to cum. His breathing grew ragged as he continued to pump his fist up and down his shaft. His balls tightened, preparing to release their seed. Every nerve-ending tight as piano wire, he humped his ass against the soft leather seat cushion. Part of him wished Adam were here now, watching as he wanked.

This is for you, you gorgeous young stud. He yelled out Adam’s name as he reached his climax. The cum shot from his cock tip, landing in a creamy spatter on Graham’s heaving belly.

Does the fantasy become reality? You can find out in Piano Man, which is available from Dreamspinner as a single release and as part of the Never Too Late anthology. And pop over to Blissekiss for all the smoochy, sloppy Sunday Snogs you need to spice up your weekend.