Dreamspinner Is Nine Years Old!

Doesn’t time fly when you’re enjoying reading (and/or writing) LGBTQ fiction? Dreamspinner Press is celebrating its ninth birthday, and that means 35% off books by authors who joined their roster in years four and five of their existence – including my good self. Click on this banner to go to the Dreamspinner bookstore, where you’ll find details of all the titles on special offer:


Alternatively, click on this banner and go straight to my Dreamspinner author page. Happy bargain hunting!


There’s A Sale On At Dreamspinner…

…and between now and 31st July, you can pick up loads of great male/male romance titles for just $1, while there’s 25 per cent off every other title in their bookstore. That includes my time-travelling love story, A Man Out Of Time, and my May/December tale from this year’s Daily Dose anthology, Piano Man. At these prices, it would be a shame not to treat yourself!

Sunday Snog – Piano Man

NeverTooLateFSHere’s a short but hot scene from my Dreamspinner m/m novella, Piano Man, which features a spot of kissing as it’s Sunday Snog time. Graham, the main character and a man who believes love has passed him by, is having a very filthy fantasy about the pianist he’s recently employed for his new bar, Adam…

Closing his eyes, he pictured himself at the Midnight Lounge on its opening night. Couples, Mike and Judy among them, swayed on the dance floor. Groups of friends chatted over drinks and platters of food. The barman poured expertly mixed cosmopolitans into frosted glasses. And underpinning all of this was the slow, beautiful tune Adam had played for him at his audition.

His thoughts drifted and now he saw himself and Adam sitting on the sofa in his living room. They were both half undressed, Adam shirtless and revealing a chest still bearing the remnants of the tan he’d picked up on board his cruise ship. Graham imagined himself planting a slow trail of kisses down Adam’s torso, all the way to the waistband of his trousers. Adam’s cock was a solid bulge, pressing against the dark fabric. Graham would pull down Adam’s zipper and reach in to pull his erection free from his underwear. Then he’d kiss that too, licking up the drops of precum glistening at his tip…

Overcome by the fantasy he’d woven, Graham unbelted his robe. He sprawled his limbs, letting his head loll against the back of his easy chair. Grasping his dick at the base, he started to stroke along its length, the juice that had formed at its crown easing his movements.

He couldn’t recall the last time he’d played with himself. His libido had shriveled to nothing after Scott left him, but now, spurred on by thoughts of the gorgeous pianist, he was filled with the need to cum. His breathing grew ragged as he continued to pump his fist up and down his shaft. His balls tightened, preparing to release their seed. Every nerve-ending tight as piano wire, he humped his ass against the soft leather seat cushion. Part of him wished Adam were here now, watching as he wanked.

This is for you, you gorgeous young stud. He yelled out Adam’s name as he reached his climax. The cum shot from his cock tip, landing in a creamy spatter on Graham’s heaving belly.

Does the fantasy become reality? You can find out in Piano Man, which is available from Dreamspinner as a single release and as part of the Never Too Late anthology. And pop over to Blissekiss for all the smoochy, sloppy Sunday Snogs you need to spice up your weekend.


Looking For Mr Wright

PIANOMAN_FBbanner_DSPOkay, so I promised I’d reveal the inspiration behind  my story in this year’s Dreamspinner Daily Dose anthology, Piano Man, but I’ve been holding off until those who were getting a book from the collection a day had  received their copy. And also, I didn’t want to reinforce the stereotype that we writers without evil day jobs just slump on the settee in our pyjamas watching daytime TV.

Occasionally, if I’m having one of those days where I’m running errands or catching up on reading any books I’ve been given to review, I’ll see part of The Wright Stuff. Usually, the panellists are so opinionated  they have me screaming and reaching for the off switch, though it is nice to spot Bernice, Sir Guy Masterleigh’s partner and the transsexual who almost flattened me on a bouncy castle at the Pleasuredome fetish party (long story…), in the audience from time to time. However, this particular morning, one of the guests was Mark Curry, who readers of a certain vintage will remember from his presenting stint on Blue Peter (or if you grew up in Yorkshire like I did, Junior Showtime). Somehow, the fact that Curry has come out in the intervening years had passed me by, but I was intrigued by the conversation he was having with Matthew Wright about socialising when you’re gay. He was complaining that once you reach a certain age, the clubbing scene loses its appeal, and he couldn’t really find the places he wanted to go instead. He had  in mind a gay-friendly venue where it’s possible to spend time with straight and gay friends alike, listening to good music and enjoying conversation. The outcome was that Mark and Matthew joked they should go into business together and open just such a bar.

To me, that concept fitted perfectly with the brief for the Daily Dose anthology. All the stories in Never Too Late revolve around the theme of men finding love later in life. Graham, the protagonist of Piano Man, feels old and unloved since his partner left him for another man, and  like Mark Curry, he’s tired of  noisy, impersonal clubs. So he and his best friend, Mike, set up a piano bar that will cater to their needs and that of an older, more sophisticated crowd. There’s just one problem – with the grand opening only a couple of days away, they haven’t found a pianist they need. Which is when the talented and very hot Adam appears to audition…

So that’s how Piano Man came about. Thanks to Messrs Curry and Wright for sparking it into life, and who says daytime TV is a distraction?

Piano Man is available from Dreamspinner Press as part of the Daily Dose antho or as a single story.

Get It Before It’s Too Late!

If you’re familiar with Dreamspinner Press’s annual Daily Dose collections, you’ll know they provide a special themed short story every day throughout the month of June. And to add to the excitement, you won’t know exactly which story you’ll be receiving on any particular day until it’s available to download.

This year’s theme is Never Too Late, and all the stories in the anthology deal with the subject of men finding love later in life, whether that’s a May/December romance, a second chance at what might have been or just an unexpected opportunity to meet that special someone.

My story in the collection is a contemporary romance called Piano Man. Here’s the blurb:

Approaching fifty, Graham is tired of the gay club scene. He dreams of a venue where he won’t be judged on his age and looks. He and his friend Mike decide to fill the gap in the market by opening the Midnight Lounge, a gay-friendly piano bar in the heart of London’s Soho. After several unsuccessful auditions, Graham finds the perfect pianist for the bar. Adam Turner is young, handsome, and talented, and there’s a spark of attraction between him and Graham, but Graham’s split with his ex has left him feeling old and unattractive. He believes Adam is just stringing him along—a belief that seems validated when Adam kisses him, then claims he’s made a big mistake. Adam wants Graham, but first he’ll have to prove to Graham that age is no barrier to finding love.

The whole collection, which includes stories by a very talented line-up of authors including Andrew Grey, Claire London, Alexa Silver, Yolande Kleinn and Rob Rosen, is available at the special price of $49.99, but only until 25th May. After that the price will be $64.99, or you’ll be able to buy the stories individually from the Dreamspinner site. Click on the cover image below to find out more.


Once the anthology is released, I’ll be sharing an excerpt and revealing the inspiration behind Piano Man, so look out for that!

Dreamspinner Press Is Eight!

Yes, that’s right – one of the leading publishers of gay romance fiction are celebrating their anniversary, and to mark the occasion they’re offering a special 35% discount on all authors who first wrote for them during their third and fourth years of existence, which includes my good self. Click on the banner below to visit my Dreamspinner Author Arcade page and see what’s available, and find out more about this year’s Never Too Late Daily Dose collection while you’re at it (here’s a clue – if you like stories focusing on the lives and loves of hot men who won’t see forty again, this is the anthology for you). But hurry – the offer is only available between today and May 14th. Happy birthday, Dreamspinner!


There’s No Time Like The Present…

…to take advantage of the special offer on Dreamspinner Press’ 2012 June Daily Dose collection. If you’re not familiar with the concept of the Daily Dose, it involves a new short story being sent to you every day throughout the month. This year’s theme is Time Is Eternity, and there are thirty prime slices of m/m romantic erotica (plus a bonus short) in the collection. My story, A Man Out Of Time, is the tale of American university professor, Dale Hoberman, who earns a prestigious visiting fellowship to Oxford’s Corpus Christi College, only to discover very quickly that he’s out of his depth in the college’s rarefied academic atmosphere. He finds himself catapulted back  over a hundred years, where he meets eccentric (and very gorgeous) physics professor Martin Winthorp. Dale is far much more comfortable in Martin’s time than his own, but he already knows that Martin died tragically young. Is his happiness about to be snatched away before he’s even begun to appreciate it?

You can find out more about all the stories in the Daily Dose here.  Just reading the synopses, with characters travelling anything from twenty to almost two thousand years to find the man of their dreams, makes me itch to get my hands on the whole collection, and if it has the same effect on you, you can get the Daily Dose at the special price of $39.99 (about £26 – a real bargain!) if you order it before April 3oth, or $49.99 before May 25th. After that, you’ll have the option of buying the stories individually, or $64.99 for the set – and all the time in the world to enjoy some quality m/m fiction…