Trading Licks

Ask any man what it is he finds most sexy about the woman in his life and he’ll have an immediate answer. Her eyes, her breasts, maybe her sense of humour – something which is instantly apparent from the moment you meet her. Stuart was different. If you asked what turned him on the most about me, he’d tell you it was the way I suck cock.

Not that I ever knew that. I mean, I was aware he and his mates talked about sex on their boys’ nights out, but I always assumed it was more on the level of which celebrities they’d like to fuck, or how much they fancied the barmaid in the Rose and Crown, the one with the Scottish accent and the generous arse. I never dreamed they might actually be comparing their wives’ and girlfriends’ oral skills.

And it was hardly a topic I ever discussed at length. You wouldn’t exactly stick the fact you’re extremely adept at giving blowjobs on your CV next to your clean driving licence and your hundred words a minute shorthand, would you? The closest I ever came to talking about it was one drunken night when a friend started giggling about a letter she’d read in a  porn mag she’d borrowed from her boyfriend, from a man who said his wife wore dentures and would take them out to give him the most incredible gum jobs. When we’d finally stopped shrieking at how outrageous that was, the conversation turned to the fact Denise had just admitted to reading porn and the moment passed.

But the truth was that I did love sucking Stuart’s cock. I know a lot of women think there’s something too subservient about being down on their knees in front of a man, but I must be a little bit submissive, then, because I never had a problem with it. I liked it best when Stuart sat on the end of the bed and I could rest my elbows on his thick thighs. Settling comfortably on my haunches on the soft, cream-coloured carpet, I would bend my head so it was resting in his lap, my long, silky brown hair brushing against his groin. At first, I would gently nuzzle the insides of his thighs, or lick along them and then gently blow on the wet skin.

Next, I would turn my attention to his balls, gently playing with the little sacs with my fingers and tongue until they began to tighten. By now, his cock would also be noticeably firmer than when I started. But even then I would do little more than tease him, swiping my tongue over the head of his cock with broad licks, as though I was savouring an ice cream on a hot day by the beach. Finally, when he was practically begging me with his eyes to go further, give him the blowjob he was craving, I would engulf the head fully in my mouth and begin to suck.

I’ve never been one of these women who’s tried to master the art of deep-throating. To me, it’s always smacked a little of showing off, and Stuart’s never complained that I can’t take him all the way down my throat. He’s more than happy with the manner in which I lavish attention on his shaft, licking lovingly while using my hand to stroke and stimulate the bottom few inches. He’ll gently stroke my back, encouraging me and letting me feel more of a flesh-on-flesh connection than just the point at which his cockhead disappears between my lips.

If we’re both in the mood, I can string this out for ages, pacing myself so I don’t end up with an aching jaw and sore knees. Eventually, his increasingly urgent moans and little grunts tell me he’s on the verge of coming. That’s the point when I look up into his eyes and increase the suction. Only a minute of this is enough to trigger his climax, his come spilling into my mouth, salty and with that indefinable taste of man. He never seems to care whether I swallow it or not – unlike of lot of men, he doesn’t take it as a measure of my love for him – all that matters is the closeness we feel as he runs his hands through my hair, his breathing slowing and his body relaxing.


So all in all, I was entitled to be more than a little pleased about my oral abilities, particularly as I had female friends who openly admitted that they had never let their lover’s cock anywhere near their lips. And Stuart was pleased with them, too – I just didn’t realise how pleased until the night I came home from work to find that he had run a bath for me and had a bottle of champagne chilling in the fridge.

It wasn’t our anniversary. Indeed, our anniversary wasn’t for another four months,  my birthday for six, so it wasn’t as though he’d forgotten some important date and was treating me by way of apology. Instead, he waited till I had enjoyed my bath and was sitting in the living room, dressed in my silky Japanese-print robe and sipping my glass of champagne, that he dropped the bombshell.

“Leanne,’ he began. “I’ve got a really big favour to ask of you – or, rather, Jimmy has.”

Jimmy was Stuart’s closest friend. They’d grown up living next door to each other and had been practically inseparable for years.  After school, though, their lives had taken very different paths. Stuart had started working in his father’s garage, met me and settled down. Jimmy had joined the army, stayed single and seen the world. They’d stayed in touch, but now Stuart only saw Jimmy in the brief periods he was on leave. I’d met Jimmy a few times, including at our wedding, and I really liked him, but I had no idea why he would be asking me for a favour.

And then Stuart enlightened me.

“Jimmy’s back from Afghanistan in a couple of days. He sent me an e-mail saying things have been really rough out there, and I said if there was anything I could do to cheer him up when he got back, he only had to say.” He paused. “Well, he remembered a drunken conversation we had on my stag night, when I told him that about how you gave the best blowjobs in the world. And – what he’d really like to cheer him up, more than anything else, is one of those blowjobs.”

I didn’t speak for a moment; just pushed the champagne glass in Stuart’s direction, anxious for a refill.

“How could you?” I said finally.

“I’m sorry, Leanne,” he replied. “But it was just one of those conversations blokes have, you know? And it’s true, you do give the best blowjobs in the world.” He searched for the words which would convince me. “Think about it. Jimmy’s been over there, fighting. I don’t even want to think about what he might have seen or done. He won’t have had a fuck in God knows how long. He probably hasn’t even had the chance of sneaking one off the wrist. Can you blame him for asking for this?”

I looked at my champagne glass. I seemed to have almost emptied it in only a couple of swigs. “But you’ve agreed that he can do this? You don’t have a problem with me sucking off another man?”

“I haven’t actually said yes to him yet, but I don’t have a problem with it. In fact, I really want you to do it. And I want to watch. Nothing would turn me on more than to see my beautiful, sexy wife with my best friend’s cock in her mouth.”

That was when it all came tumbling out: Stuart had fantasies he’d never been able to admit to me until now. Fantasies in which he shared me with another man. Just looking at him as he explained them to me, I realised how happy it would make him if I agreed to his plan, but I wasn’t entirely sure how I felt about it. Though I’d always assumed I would be utterly faithful to Stuart, I had to admit there was a wicked little part of me which was turned on by the thought of going down on Jimmy. He was a good-looking boy; big and brawny as a result of his years in the army, with dirty-blond hair cropped closed to his skull and brown eyes which gave the impression they had been undressing you from the moment they saw you. The thought of him naked, cock hard and ready for me, was a deliciously dirty one. And through it all, Stuart would be there – watching me, encouraging me, loving me.

Eventually, when Stuart had finished spilling out all his secrets, he looked at me and said, “So, will you do it?”

I waited just long enough for him to start thinking that he’d blown his chances completely, then decided it was cruel to tease him any further. “Yes,” I said.


Once Jimmy was back in the country, things moved swiftly. Stuart invited him to stay for the weekend, and though I intended to treat him to some decent home-cooked meals after months existing on army rations, I had the feeling food would be the last thing on his mind.

I was out shopping when he actually arrived, and came home to find the two men sitting on the sofa, drinking beer and watching the horse racing. Jimmy got up to greet me, enfolding me in a huge hug and dwarfing me with his broad, six-foot frame. We made all the usual pleasantries, but I found it hard to think of anything other than the moment when I would fulfil my husband’s fantasies by sucking Jimmy’s cock.

The atmosphere as the three of us sat down to dinner was like nothing I had ever experienced. The air seemed to crackle with erotic tension and anticipation. I had chosen a dress which I knew was one of Stuart’s favourites – a flimsy, pale-blue number with thin straps – and had deliberately gone without a bra beneath it. I knew that both men would be able to see the twin points of my nipples, sticking out as evidence of my excitement.

I barely tasted my food and hardly paid attention to the conversation between Stuart and Jimmy. My stomach was churning with nerves and anticipation, and when the two men finally decided it was time to get down from the table I followed them in a daze.

There was no longer any pretence that this was just a pleasant social evening; we made our way straight to the bedroom, where Stuart lit candles as Jimmy used the en suite bathroom.

“How do you want me to do this?” I whispered to Stuart.

“Just do whatever feels best,” he replied. “Do what you’d do to me.”

So when Jimmy came out of the bathroom, I shyly took him by the hand and led him to the bed. Stuart had kicked off his shoes and settled in the chair in the corner of the room, our keen and appreciative audience of one.

I kissed him, pressing my tongue against his lips insistently until he parted them to let it enter. I wanted him to imagine how it would feel when that tongue moved lower, to tease the head of his cock. Jimmy responded by tugging the straps of my dress down off my shoulders, smiling at the sight of my bare breasts. As his thumbs rubbed over my nipples, I glanced over to see how Stuart was reacting. He seemed to be enjoying himself, judging by the way he was caressing his cock almost absent-mindedly through his jeans.

While I was busy looking at my husband, Jimmy took the opportunity to pull the dress of me fully. This, I thought, seemed a little one-sided. Here I was, wearing only an indecently tiny pair of lace knickers, while the two men were still completely clothed. I made to push Jimmy back on the bed, which wasn’t the easiest thing to do, given the relative difference in our sizes, but he was compliant enough, anticipating the pleasure to come once I had him undressed. Quickly and efficiently, I undressed him from the waist down; there seemed something much ruder about the way his erection bobbed up above the hem of his faded black teeshirt than having him completely naked.

And now the show could really begin, I thought, as I slithered off the bed, parting Jimmy’s thick thighs wide to give me better access to his luscious cock.

Aware of Stuart’s eyes on me from across the bedroom, I bent close and nuzzled Jimmy’s groin, noticing all the little differences between him and my husband. Though they were fairly similar in size, Jimmy’s cock bent slightly to the right, and his balls were a little looser, a little more pouchy. His sandy coloured pubes were trimmed short, and he smelled more earthy than Stuart, somehow, though definitely not unpleasant. For a moment I thought how nice it would be to have the two men side by side, so I could compare them more closely, but that wasn’t what tonight was about.

I licked the soft skin on the inside of Jimmy’s thighs, feeling him give a quick little intake of breath as my teeth nipped at him, just for a moment. Lost in concentration as I was, I still heard the unmistakable sound of a zip coming down, and realised Stuart must be making himself more comfortable.

It was time to stop teasing Jimmy and get down to the serious business of giving him pleasure. “Relax,” I murmured. “I want you to enjoy this.”

I took a firm hold of his cock, pushing back the foreskin a little way, then lovingly took head into my mouth. Jimmy made a noise that was somewhere between a sigh and a whisper, and I wondered just how long it had been since he’d last experienced the friction and pressure around his cock of anything other than his own fist.

“That’s it, suck him,” I heard Stuart say. I couldn’t see my husband, but I could imagine exactly what he was doing. Indeed, when I paused in my suction, I could distinctly hear the soft slap of Stuart’s hand working up and down the length of his own hard-on.

Turning my attention completely back to the big, half-naked soldier who was so wonderfully mine for the moment, I lavished even more attention on his cock, twirling my tongue over the head while my hand rhythmically pumped the shaft.

“Fuck, that’s good,” Jimmy muttered. “You’re everything Stuart said you were, truly, Leanne.”

His words spurred me on, but the real compliment I wanted from him was to feel his come gushing forth thanks to my ministrations. I increased my pace, bobbing my head to take in as much of his length as I could. Both Jimmy and Stuart were moaning now, each deep in their own world of pleasure. I cupped Jimmy’s balls, feeling them warm and vital in my hand, and knew it wouldn’t be long before they gave up their seed.

Stuart groaned and announced to no one in particular that he was coming. Jimmy’s hands tangled in my hair, and as he gave one last, strangled groan, I felt his spunk pulsing out into my mouth, its tang lingering on my taste buds for a moment before I let his cock slip from between my lips.

He flopped back on the bed, chest rising and falling rapidly as he tried to catch his breath. He couldn’t speak; he just gazed at me with an adoring grin plastered across his face.

I glanced over to Stuart, who seemed a little more composed. He mouthed the words, “Thank you,” at me, and I knew I had managed to make two men very happy.


As for my own pleasure – well, let’s just say both men spent an awful lot of time that night showing me just how grateful they were that I’d agreed to give Jimmy such a special welcome home. And Jimmy isn’t the only one of Stuart’s friends who I’d admit, if pressed, to finding attractive enough to get down on my knees and suck. Perhaps my husband should be encouraged to share the secret of my oral prowess more widely. After all, I’ve proved that if he’s prepared to open his mouth about it, then so am I…