Ooh, Sparkly!

Words That Sparkle is a new review site on the radar, but it looks like it has the potential to grow into a great place to go if you want to read reviews of genre fiction including romance, erotica and much more, interviews and free reads. My MuseItHOT! release The Face In The Glass has just received a four-sparkle review there. Reviewer Onyx called it ‘hot with a capital H’, and if you want to see her full write-up, you can check it out here. Thanks very much, Onyx!

Sunday Quickie

Here’s a sneak preview of a short story that’s just about to be published. The Face In The Glass is a venture into the paranormal, for those who wonder how big a part fate plays in our erotic lives. Clairvoyant Ceri prides herself on never giving inaccurate readings, but when she sees a gorgeous man in her crystal ball who doesn’t fit the description of her client’s boyfriend, she begins to question her own ability. What happens when she pays a visit to her local bar is even stranger:

It was still early and the bar was half-empty. I found a seat at the bar without problems. The barmaid, a sharp-featured blonde in a low-cut top, took my order. Within moments I had a glass of beer in front of me. I took a sip, relishing the clean, refreshing taste. Someone fed the jukebox, and a Nina Simone song poured from the speakers, her melancholy voice perfectly in tune with my mood. It wasn’t like me to feel sorry for myself, but for once I didn’t feel like going back to my empty apartment above the shop. Visions of gorgeous men reminded me of just how long it had been since I’d shared my life with one.

When I looked up from my glass again, it was to see a familiar face reflected in the mirror at the back of the bar. Dark eyes, floppy dark hair, a deliciously sensual mouth. If he hadn’t been wearing a long-sleeved T-shirt, I was sure I would have seen the tattoo encircling his biceps. The barmaid, busy making sure the two off-duty cops at the end of the bar got a good peek down her top as she mopped up a spill on the counter, didn’t appear to have noticed him. I half-turned on my stool, wondering if I should strike up a conversation. There was no one standing behind me.

So who is the man, and what message does he have for her? Find out when The Face In The Glass hits the MuseItHOT! bookstore, very soon…