Treble The Pleasure

As John Junkin once said on the inimitable Hello, Cheeky! (currently being repeated on Radio 4 Extra for those of us who love bad puns and really, really old jokes), ‘If music be the food of love, I’ll have double egg and chips twice.’ Well, music being the food of love is the theme behind Total-e-bound’s forthcoming Treble anthology, featuring menage tales with some kind of musical background. It’s not out till September, but here’s a sneaky preview of the cover:

While you’re enjoying your big, stubbly men quotient for the day, please take time to notice the contributors involved alongside my good self – Desiree Holt, Lisabet Sarai, Lily Harlem, Imari Jade and Wendi Swaduk. A talented line-up like that should be music to the ears of any erotic romance lover.

To cue you in, my story, Three-part Harmony, involves an adult-orientated rock band with a tangled sexual past and a potentially even more tangled future, and writing it allowed me to indulge all my wannabe rock star fantasies. But more of that nearer the time – for now, just keep enjoying those delicious cover models…

Cougar Growls Blog Tour – Day One

Hello everyone, and welcome to the kick off day of the Cougar Growls Blog Tour to celebrate the release of Total E-Bound’s newest anthology Cougars and Cubs (romance between older women and younger men).

Featuring the artistic collaboration of erotica’s hottest authors, Ashley Ladd, K.S. Augustin, Mia Watts, Catherine Chernow, Elizabeth Coldwell and Imari Jade.

First up is Imari Jade, author of Something to be Thankful For. Please introduce yourself and tell the readers something about your story.

Hi everyone, my name is Imari Jade and I hail from Marrero, Louisiana, sister city of New Orleans where I was born and raised. I’ve been writing for a number of years but this is my first release with Total E-Bound and hopefully not my last. I’m divorced, have three sons and six grandchildren and during the day I work as a financial analyst.

I’d like to share my take on an article I just read:

‘Kick Ass’ Cradle Robber: 19-year-old star of Kick Ass is engaged to the 43-year-old director of his last film and she’s pregnant with his child.

I was sitting in the office when I saw the story on the Internet. One of my co-workers is a male in his early to mid forties and the other is a male in his late twenties. Naturally they took the side of the 19-year-old actor while I gave props to the 43-year-old director. So when one of them asked me if I’d date a 19-year-old I answered, ‘Hell yeah.’ (Relax folks, I’m only kidding). My three fantasy dream dates are Tom Welling, Orlando Bloom and Taylor Lautner. All three are gorgeous, sexy and full of stamina. What older woman wouldn’t be tempted when given the choice of them or a man our own age that has to use the little blue pill to entertain us? If a 30-year-old wanted to spend some quality time with me I’d probably jump at the chance as soon as I checked out his medical history, his earning potential and his family background. Nineteen-year-olds are a bit young and inexperienced and we cougars are looking for someone to spend time with. Hell, you can’t take a 19-year-old clubbing, you can’t reference anything before the Nineties, and they don’t share their video games.

Something To Be Thankful For by Imari Jade

Music manager Julianne Richmond life gets turned upside down when her musical prodigy Cameron Justice announces that he is in love with her. Normally she would be flattered but she’s in her forties and he is just a babe which in her book has the making of a bad love song.

Bad boy rocker Cameron Justice has everything… Money, a beautiful mansion, expensive cars, and the lead in an upcoming movie. He is admired by women from all over the world and the envy of men. Spoiled and rotten to a fault, Cameron is used to getting his way. So when he confesses his love to his manager Julianne he naturally thought she would accept. Unfortunately, Julianne turns him down like a hot potato because he is too young for her and bruises his fragile little rock star ego. On one of his wild tirades Cameron packs up his things and leaves Hollywood.

Spurred by the mass hysteria of Cameron’s fans, Julianne hops in a car and drives halfway across the country to bring his psychotic butt home. But once she finds him back in the sleeping little mountain town where he was born, dressed in tight-fitting jeans and a plaid shirt, she discovers maybe having a sexy young blond mountain man might not be a bad thing.

Imari Jade is a multi-genre romance and horror writer, and bit of a humourist. You can contact her through her website or at her Blogspot and MySpace blogs.

Cougars And Cubs is available here.

The Cougars Are Coming!

To celebrate the release of Total-e-bound’s Cougars And Cubs anthology on May 10th – and generate plenty of discussion about hot young men – the Cougar Growls Blog Tour is hitting the Net. It features all the authors whose stories are in the anthology, and you’ll be able to find us on the following blogs on the following days:

May 10, 2010 – Imari Jade
May 11, 2010 – Elizabeth Coldwell
May 12, 2010 – Catherine Chernow
May 13, 2010 – Mia Watts
May 14, 2010 – KS Augustin
May 15, 2010 – Ashley Ladd

Drop in to find out the inspiration behind our stories in the collection, learn more about why the older woman/younger man pairing is more popular than ever, leave a comment about your own experiences or just say hello. And bring a young cutie with you!