Search And Rescue – Guest Post By Kitti Bernetti

My guest today is Kitti Bernetti, whose novel, Search And Rescue, is part of a Cariad hot romance double bill with my own His Secret Boss. Welcome, Kitti!

Hi Elizabeth

Thank you so much for inviting me to The Naughty Corner. I write erotica with a heart. I hope to bring readers the sort of emotional romance that can bring you to tears but that is hot, hot, hot… And I’d like to share with you how I came up with one of my favourite heroes.

search and rescueNow, don’t we all love a superhero? Those amazing guys who flash across our screens in Lycra and capes saving towns, cities, even the world with their superhuman powers. But, bringing us back down to earth, I was struck one day when watching the news how we have superhero guys right in our midst, in our own cities, in our own towns. The news I was watching concerned a disaster which had struck a small American community. There on the screen were these great hunks of guys, the search and rescue crews, digging for hours, days even. Covered in mud, they were pulling people from under fallen rocks when all hope had disappeared. In the background were snow capped mountains and awesomely beautiful lakes. It was so gorgeous I decided I wanted to set a story there.

This got me to pondering on those men with their huge boots and massive chests and how it must be to be the strong one, to have everyone rely on you in a crisis. To have families desperate for you to find their loved ones. What’s more, I loved the phrase, ‘Search and Rescue,’ it encompassed strength and nurturing. I wondered what it would be like if one of those oh so capable guys had a hidden flaw, a weakness, a dreadful secret he couldn’t declare to the world. It fired my imagination to produce my own search and rescue hero, Gig Briggs, a man his community look on to save them and nurture them. Gig has his faithful friend, a former police dog, Diesel, and a beautiful girlfriend, Milandra. All should be perfect in his world. But I needed as an author, to give Gig a hard time. I needed to test him and put him through hell to have a good story. So, while he’s strong and invincible on the outside, it is his inner demons he cannot defeat. That’s where Dr Desree Cain comes in. She’s the renowned sex therapist he absolutely does not want to consult. And boy are they opposites. She’s a city woman, he’s a country boy. What’s more, she’s scared. Someone from her own dark past is hunting her down. That’s why she’s come to hide in this small mountain community. The last thing she needs is Gig Briggs getting under her skin and awakening her as a woman. That’s when things get hot, too hot to handle. For the last thing any therapist should do is fall for her client…

I absolutely loved writing this book, so much so that I might even take one of the other characters, Gig’s best friend Clint, and give him his own book one day. But then that’s another story!


Kitti Bernetti has been writing erotica for years, well before the Fifty Shades phenomenon. She lives and works in London where the vibrancy of the city keeps her imagination constantly fired with stories. You can often find her, pen in hand, in the coffee bars of Covent Garden. Wired on caffeine, seemingly staring into space and doodling, she is actually dreaming constructively and making notes for her next novella in a small red Moleskin, her favourite notebook.

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The Cariad Double Bill is available from Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Two Hot Cariad Reads – Double The Pleasure

It’s that time of year when everyone is looking for great poolside reading to load on their Kindle before they go on holiday, so may I recommend Cariad’s latest hot romance double bill? The two book-set is comprised of my tale of desire and deception in a sleepy Welsh seaside town, His Secret Boss, and Kitti Bernetti’s  romantic suspense novel, Search and Rescue.

cariad double billHere’s the blurb for Kitti’s book:

Gig Briggs is the Search and Rescue Officer you can rely on to save anybody from disaster. What he cannot do is save himself – harbouring a secret that has destroyed his ability to have a fulfilling relationship with a woman.

When he reluctantly walks into the consulting room of renowned sex therapist Desree Cain, he doesn’t believe she can help. However, Desree has secrets of her own, ones that are swiftly coming back to haunt her. She hasn’t told Gig why she had to run away from the city to hide in his New England community. Can Desree get through to this hero’s damaged heart, and can he save her from the twisted individual hunting her down?

The Cariad Double Bill Vol Two is available from Amazon UK and Amazon US. Make sure to come back tomorrow, when Kitti Bernetti will be my guest, sharing more of Search and Rescue’s secrets.

More About Voluptuous

Voluptuous. The very word seems to drip from your tongue, so what more appropriate title for an e-book collection devoted to tales of girl/girl pleasure?

The anthology kicks off with the story that gives the collection its title. Penned by Kate Dominic, it details the friendship between two college girls – the narrator, who’s sexually inexperienced but keen to learn whether other well-endowed women get as much pleasure from having ample breasts as she does, and lingerie-loving Jessie, who’s keen to show her that if masturbation is fun for one, it’s even better when a sympathetic girlfriend is involved. Dominic describes in luscious detail the feel of cashmere and silk against bare skin, and this story is ideal for those who like their sex hot and breathless, but with a healthy dollop of sensuality on the side.

In Pretty Red Stones by AM Hartnett, Ruby has walked out on her sugar mummy, Eve, after discovering her with another woman. But she’s become so accustomed to the finer things in life that she’s prepared to do whatever it takes to get them back, particularly if this means getting back in bed with Eve along the way. Personally, I couldn’t really get on with this story, well-written as it is, but that’s purely because I found it very hard to side with the gold-digging Ruby. You may well enjoy the dark, almost vicious strain of humour running through it.

More sympathetic, if equally downbeat, is Michael Bracken’s Small Change. Lonely diner waitress Kathy performs an act of kindness when she helps Ashley, who’s had a fight with the abusive partner she just can’t seem to walk away from. Offering Ashley a bed for the night, Kathy discovers for the first time the sweetness of female love, but can she really persuade Ashley she’ll be better off without her girlfriend?

If that’s all a little depressing for you, try the naughty but nice In The Chair by Tamsin Flowers. Sarah has a terrible fear of going to the dentist, but that’s before her best friend tells her about Dr Ashworth and his marvellous success rate with nervous patients. Sarah soon finds out that has less to do with the dentist himself and more with his gorgeous assistant, Ella, whose remarkable relaxation techniques have to be experienced to be believed.

More bad girls gone wild feature in Kitti Bernetti’s That Nagging Feeling. Gangster’s moll Naomi is out for one last night on the tiles before departing with her boyfriend to live off his ill-gotten gains in some foreign paradise. She’s sure she recognises the platinum blonde at the bar, but she simply can’t place her. But when the girl is clearly ripe for the taking, who cares? The story quickly develops into the steamiest of romps, and even if you guess the twist before the end, it won’t stop you enjoying the sex toy-riffic coupling between Naomi and her new friend.

As for my contribution to the collection, if you saw the quickie extract at the weekend (and if you didn’t, where were you?), you’ll know that The Party Platter sees Roseanne being offered a bizarre way of earning a little extra cash. She’s required to act as a human dessert plate at a banker’s birthday party, and her initial nervousness at lying on a table, wearing nothing but fruit, changes to something more intimate when one of the partygoers starts taking a special interest in her…

When Xcite bring out a collection where the loose theme is lesbian stories, or gay, or Rubenesque, you know you’ll be provided with as much variety as five or six stories can produce between them, and Voluptuous is no exception. Thoughtful, provocative and downright horny by turns, you can find out more about it here. Now, repeat the word ‘voluptuous’ after me, and watch the delicious way it makes you pout…